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Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Fraud: How It Works

Are you travelling to Canada? Depending on your travel requirements and your country of origin, you may be required to get a Temporary Residents Visa (TRV) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

For individuals from a visa-exempt country, it's significant to apply for an eTA to enter Canada. However, U.S. citizens do not require to apply for an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

You can easily apply for an eTA online. It costs as low as $7 CAD. But remember, while they are issued instantly, sometimes it can take weeks to get issued an eTA, so plan your application accordingly. Once approved, your eTA will be valid for a period of five years or until the validity of your passport.

Electronic Travel Authorization: What is it?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is one of the entry requirements for foreign nationals travelling from a visa-exempt country to Canada by air. It is linked to the passport of the entry seeker.

An eTA allows a traveller to enter Canada for up to five years, generally, for a shorter stay until his/her passport is valid. If you get a new passport, you'll need to apply for a new eTA. Furthermore, you don't require an eTA to travel within Canada.

For entry into Canada, an eTA is not enough. You must carry other supporting documents and a passport to show to the border services officer. You need to convince them that you are eligible for entry into Canada.

Who can apply for an eTA to enter Canada?

Applicants falling under the following four categories can apply for an eTA to enter Canada:

1. Travellers who require an eTA

Foreign nationals from a visa-exempt country must have an eTA for either flying to or transiting through a Canadian airport. They don't need an eTA if they are using a bus, car, train or boat for entering Canada.

Permanent residents of the U.S. need to show their valid Green Card and passport as well as an eTA to check-in at the airport.

2. Travellers who may require an eTA

Foreign nationals from a few select visa-required countries may be eligible for an eTA. Instead of a visa, they may apply for an eTA to fly in Canada. However, they will be requiring a visitor visa if they are travelling through a bus, car, boat (including a cruise) or train.

3. Travellers who are not eligible for an eTA

Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents, American-Canadians and dual Canadian citizens can travel with a valid passport. However, Canada PR holders need a valid card or travel document to enter Canada.

NOTE: Canada permanent resident (PR) status is permanent. It does not expire. If you have lived in Canada many years ago as a permanent resident, you could still have it. Contact immigration consultants if you have any doubts regarding this.

4. Travellers who are exempt

U.S. citizens are free from the eTA requirement. However, they must carry their valid passport with them.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): Application process

The application process for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) involves a simple online procedure that takes only a matter of time to complete. In most cases, applicants get their eTA approved within a few minutes. However, in some cases, approval may get delayed by a few days, therefore, it's best to apply for an eTA before you book your air tickets. It is an easy to apply and cost-effective process. So, don't worry and check the official website for Canada immigration.

Steps involved:

  1. Go to the official website to apply for your eTA.
  2. Gather your documents such as passport, credit or debit card and other supporting documents. For more info, read the help document carefully.
  3. Use the online form to apply. The form cannot be saved. So have the documents ready.
  4. Upon successful completion of the form, pay the fee.
  5. Receive an application stating the status of your application. Most applications get approved within minutes, but in case it asks for more time and other documents wait for further instructions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for eTA

  1. Be cautious while you enter your passport number in the form. You will be denied entry at the Canadian airport if your numbers don't match.
  2. Mention your name as per the passport.
  3. Keep your documents ready as the form cannot be saved for later submission.
  4. Pay the application fee using the authorized payment portal only.
  5. Read carefully the eTA help guide before you submit your application.

What other things do you need to produce at the Canadian airport?

During the coronavirus pandemic, you must have ArriveCAN app downloaded on your phone. This is application is used before checking in at the airport to show your:

  1. Quarantine plan
  2. COVID-19 symptoms self-assessment
  3. Travel and contact information

What happens when your eTA is approved?

After getting your eTA approved, it will be linked to your passport. You will be asked to show your passport before checking-in on your flight to Canada. After scanning your passport, airline staff can confirm your valid eTA. If you fail to produce a valid one, you won't be allowed to board the flight.

Beware of eTA fraud!

The application needs to be filed and paid on the Government Canada's website, but third-party ' 'services'' take advantage of the fact that several people don't know much about the eTA.

They sell them 20 times as much. Over 1,000 complaints have been filed against questionable online companies in the last few weeks. Do YOU need an eTA? Contact genuine immigration consultants in Delhi for expert advice.

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