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Easy Way To Get Germany Visa From India.

Germany is one of the largest economies in the world and the largest in the Eurozone. The nation boasts of world-class companies and a standard of living that is second to none. It is natural that many wish to relocate to Germany with a work visa or a student visa to take advantage of its development.

At present, the nation is facing a shortage of technical workers who are able to write software, engineers, and scientists. Aspire World Immigration can provide a one-stop solution as the best Germany Immigration Consultants.

German Job Seeker Visa

The Job Seeker Visa is a short term work permit. It allows the applicant to stay in Germany for six months and search for work. With the help of this visa, Germany is able to attract an immensely talented pool of skilled workers who contribute to its growth. If the applicant is successful in securing work, then at the end of six months, they can seek to change it to a long term residence and work permit.

The Benefits of Germany Job Seeker Visa

It allows the applicant to live in Germany for a period of six months and search for jobs. Thus there is no need to have already secured any employment as is the case with many other countries.

If one is successful in securing a job and sustaining oneself, then a short term residency visa can be applied for

Upon completion of five years stay in Germany, the applicant can try to secure permanent residency.

Eligibility For Job Seeker Visa

  • The applicant would require a graduation or post graduation degree from a German university. In the case of a foreign degree, its validity in Germany has to be proven.
  • A graduate needs to have at least 5 years of relevant work experience.
  • Overseas medical insurance providing coverage for illness and hospitalization.
  • Application For Job Seeker Visa
  • It is a relatively straightforward process.
  • Check the eligibility criteria for Job Seeker Visa
  • If eligible, then compile all the documents.
  • Apply for the visa and wait for an interview with immigration officials.

It has to be noted that this is not a points-based system but decided case by case depending on merit and quota.

Details Of Documents

  • Documents include a valid passport with expiry at least 12 months after the date of arrival in Germany
  • Three copies of passport sized photographs
  • A cover letter which explains in detail the reason for seeking a Job Seeker Visa as well an outline of the steps that the applicant would take upon arrival in Germany. It is necessary to take the help of Best work visa Consultants For Germany for composing this letter.
  • Detailed curriculum vitae
  • Details of past work experience
  • Proof of funds for stay of six months in Germany

It is not mandatory to have a sponsor in Germany, but it helps much.

Other than job seeker visa it is also possible to apply for other types of visa for entering Germany. The one most often used is a student visa.

Student Visa For Study In Germany

If you require a German Student Visa, the process has to begin well before the start of the course. Top Germany Immigration Consultancy can help you with correct support and guidance through the process.

Though most German universities are dual language, it helps to know German. The accepted diplomas are those issued by branches of German consulate and cultural center in various cities. They provide official German Language Diploma, Level II.

If you have learned German elsewhere, you can test your skill using TestDAF, which is a test of German language conducted by its embassies in different countries.

Documents Required For Student Visa

  • Valid passport with at least 12 months duration after the date of arrival in Germany
  • Three copies of passport sized photos.
  • Proof of admission to a German university or institute. For non-EU citizens, it can't be for a vocational course and has to be a degree/university program.
  • Proof of academic qualifications
  • Proof of funds for living in Germany
  • A cover letter explaining the reason for studying in Germany and future plans.
  • If possible a sponsor letter

With the help and support of a top immigration consultant such as Aspire World immigration, it is not at all impossible to receive a student visa to Germany. It is also possible in some cases to migrate to Germany on a short term visa and look for admission to universities there. Through this entire process, the immigration consultant will provide full guidance

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