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Do You Know The Difference Between Apprentice and Internship?

Difference between apprentice and internship


As a student, if you are looking forward to gain and showcase additional experience - consider doing an apprenticeship or an internship. Decide which option is best for you based on your field and role requirement by assessing what you need as a professional. In this article, we define apprenticeships and internships to explain the main differences between both the experiences. Internships and apprenticeships may seem very similar but are different in terms of exercising the procedure. The most basic understanding of each of these terms are as below:


Internship is a work based learning whereas apprenticeship is a work based training experience. In short, an internship in a resume gives an indication that the graduate is seeking employment while an apprenticeship indicates that you can successfully perform tasks in a high paying job.


Some commons pointers you should know:


Internship programs are in excess


Apprenticeships aren't as common as we think yet. If you are gearing towards achieving highly skilled technical jobs, you should look for apprenticeships. However, internships are more commonly available and help you generally learn the art of the activity before actually doing it.


Apprenticeships are for a longer term


Internships can long for a semester or for summer holidays sometimes. After which, you can get hired for a full time opportunity. Usually with an apprenticeship, it can take some time - sometimes a year or so. This requires full-time commitment. So, an internship gives you work understanding while an apprenticeship gives you work experience.


Apprenticeships pay better


Getting an apprenticeship can seem highly competitive but it is all worth it at the end of the day. It pays you well while you also learn the tips and tricks of the trade, just like any regular job. Internships give stipends whereas apprenticeships can give you a salary that can take care of your expenses.


Apprenticeships provides hands on training


As discussed in the introduction, internship gives you work based learning whereas apprenticeship gives work based training. This ensures that you get real-time training and experience while you spend months or years learning the profession you will eventually work in. You will learn what exactly is required for the rest of your career. Apprenticeship comes with a legally secured training whereas Internship is provided at the will and wish of the employee.


Apprenticeship involves classroom training


Surprised, are you? Well, apprenticeships aren't as simple as we think. This involves both classroom instruction as well as practical training required for your role in the company. Internships give you exposure to the corporate world but without a good amount of practical application and le arning. Internships are good enough to spice your resume but apprenticeships can make your career, and it actually works!


Apprenticeship come with a job  

Internships don't guarantee a job from the company you have done your internship in. However, an apprenticeship will. As the employer usually sponsors your role and importance in the company by teaching you how to work, it is almost guaranteed that you will be having a good paying job once you complete the program.


Nature of the program


While Internships are more generic and versatile, apprenticeships are more skill and training based programs. You may end up doing internships in various domains irrespective of the fact that you want to make it your career option, however, in apprenticeships, you take a domain in which you wish to set up your career without any second thoughts.




As an intern, you will work with many employees who will help you learn skills and complete assigned learning tasks successfully. However, as an apprentice, you will assist employees trained in the role you desire to be in. You gain more independence with your work as an apprentice, and are more likely to develop a mentor-mentee relationship with senior colleagues


Today, organizations in most countries globally are looking forward to bridge the huge gap by teaching skills as opposed to a degree. It is important to identify in-demand skills, and network and connect with individuals from the industry who can give them the right guidance to be even more sought-after in the workforce. This focus on skills instead of education is an important step towards meeting any industry's growing workforce needs.


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