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Canada: The Educational Destination Indian Talent Is Moving To!

Canada: The Educational Destination Indian Talent Is Moving To!


Canada is quite a destination for Indian students because of its long-term friendly bond for years. So, is Canada the most sought after destination for higher education in India, now? The short answer is, Yes!


The long answer is, there are many reasons why Canada has always been India's favourite educational hub. Here are some observations shared by the best Canadian immigration consultants in India.


Reasons You Should Choose Canada For Higher Education:

  • Canada is a very welcoming country with an economic immigration gateway, and the Express Entry System.
  • One of the most preferred countries because of the high quality of education with unlimited internship opportunities.
  • Liberal government policies for individuals who want to work post-study along with easy immigration processes, creating a perfect combination for Indian aspirants.
  • Economical & high-placement value compared to other education destinations.

Some Course Domains Most Preferred By Indian Students!


Most Indians prefer going abroad only for post-graduation courses. While Canada has many courses, programs and opportunities to offer, here are some types of domains - Indians are most interested in!

  • Degree, diploma and certificate programmes in Business.
  • Degree, diploma and certificate programmes in IT.
  • Degree, diploma and certificate programmes in various niches of Engineering.
  • Degree, diploma and certificate programmes in Hospitality sectors.

The most beautiful and unique part of Canadian higher education is that it is consistent across all parts of the country and most of them are publicly funded. This means that the governments in Canada have made sufficient & efficient investments in science, technology and many such areas of research.


Eligibility Criteria For Post-Graduation


Common requirements based on the most preferred domains include:

  • Bachelor's degree: Undergraduate degree or an equivalent recognised by India.
  • Work experience: 1-2 years of work experience is highly appreciated for a postgraduate course.
  • English proficiency: Demonstrate your English proficiency and also check out for some fluency classes to make things work there, in Canada. Take up exams like IELTS/TOEFL, passing above the minimum average requirements.
  • GMAT/GRE: Take up Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to pursue business programs like MBA, Master of Finance, etc., and for other specific study programs, you can clear the Graduate Record Admissions (GRE) test.

Ensure to check the criteria with the specific universities and courses you are applying to as well.


Culture Of Opportunities


Overseas job consultants in India often highlight the importance of scholarships available for Indian students in Canada. This includes grants, awards, fellowships, and different types of financial aids based on the location, university and government policies.


You can always avail admissions with your merits to finance your education by the Government of Canada and other post-secondary institutes. This has widely encouraged many Indian students who go to Canada for higher education and a better quality of life. It is important to also highlight that it is not very easy to be selected for such scholarships, but before you frown, do remember that there are many Canadian universities offering different types of scholarships to deserving and meritorious individuals.


To highlight, Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships is a foundation that offers various scholarships, fellowships and mentorships at doctoral level at selected institutions.


Apart from everything shared above, here are two bonus points on how Canada is THE destination!

  • On a global perspective, Canada is known to be the most diverse which will help you build a very diverse portfolio once you start networking. This multicultural environment is almost irreplaceable for individuals who have an expansive mindset and want to develop culture sensitivity.
  • The bilingual understanding of English and French makes it even more open for opportunities compared to the rest of Europe.

Canada has reserved a special place in the hearts of the Indians because of the friendly nature of the native people living there. While being friendly, it is equally safe and reliable as a foreign homeland.

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