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Canada Can Now Keep Tabs on Your Arrival and Departure

Since February 2019, the federal immigration ministery of Canada can monitor travellers' movements entering and exiting the country by land. It was recently announced that IRCC will now have access to the number of days or years foreign national remains in Canada to determine their eligibility for study permits, work permit applications, visitor visas, Canada permanent residence status and Canadian citizenship applications.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) can now acquire traveller information from the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) with the help of the Entry/Exit Program. When Canadian immigrants cross the U.S. border, their general information is dispatched to the CBSA through an "exit report." According to the CBSA website, IRCC can now access traveller's information for the "administration and compliance of immigration and citizenship programmes."

Entry/Exit Program: What is it?

The Entry/Exit Program is a mutual initiative of the United States and Canada. The program is responsible for the exchange of information related to immigration between Canada and the US border services. This program enables the country to keep the record of individuals who have entered or exited the country. The Canadian Border Services Agency assembles the data of the immigrants who cross the Canada/US border by land and as well as by air.

    The data collected are:
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality or citizenship
  • Sex
  • Travel document

Purpose of the Entry/Exit Program

IRCC can obtain a traveller's information to verify the requirements needed to be met by those individuals applying for permanent residence and Canadian citizenship and protect people from any kind of immigration fraud. This access to information can notify governments whether immigrants have overstayed their permissible period of admission to Canada.

The government can now easily determine whether an individual is involved in any kind of fraud related to passport, immigration, citizenship and travel document programs. Furthermore, the IRCC can verify that sponsors and partners reside in Canada for inland family class programs.

How Will This Data Will Be Used?

The data collected by the Canadian Border Service Agents will be processed to regulate an individual's eligibility for immigration and citizenship status. Read below to learn more about the Entry/Exit Program.

Immigration: Temporary Residence

The IRCC will utilize entry and exit data collected at the border for the following types of temporary residence application:

  • Temporary Resident Visas;
  • Visitor Records;
  • Temporary Resident Permits;
  • Work Permits and Work Permit Extensions;
  • Study Permits and Extensions; and
  • Electronic Travel Authorizations.

This will prompt IRCC immigration officers to construct an informed determination to select temporary residence application, says IRCC.

Permanent Residence

The IRCC will utilize entry and exit data collected at the border for the following types of permanent residence application:

  • Permanent Resident Cards;
  • Permanent Resident Travel Documents;
  • Overseas Refugees; and
  • Family Class Sponsorships.

Information collected for temporary and permanent residence will monitor the period of time an immigrant spends inside and outside of Canada. To be eligible for Canada permanent residence, the applicants must reside in Canada for at least 730 days every five years. The information will establish the potential loss and misrepresentation of permanent resident status. It will also help confirm certificates issued by foreign police.

Inland Refugee Claims

IRCC will use details on entry and exit programs to analyze the travel history of refugees in Canada and also to verify the information submitted by the applicants.


Candidates seeking for Canadian citizenship must reside in the country for at least 1095 days in five years preceding the date of application for the citizenship. The data can also be utilized in the cases of revoked Canadian citizenship.


Citizenship revocation investigations: The Entry/Exit data will be used to check whether or not the applicant has produced true evidence of their residence in Canada or made false statements to obtain Canadian citizenship.

Passport Investigations

The Entry/Exit data will help determine an individual's entitlement to Canadian Passport services. Information may be accessed to validate the steps taken for revocation of the passport for fraud or misuse and also the travel history.

Foreign Travellers Rights

Travellers can request a copy of information related to their personal travel history. If they can locate an error or mistake of any kind in their records, they have the right to ask CBSA to rectify it. In case a request to rectify the mistake in travel information has been made, IRCC officers are informed and they can access the most relevant information from CBSA.

The IRCC officers comply with the Privacy Act and are permitted to disclose entry and exit information of any candidate unless it is important for the administration of the Immigration Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

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