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Best Easy Way To Get Canada PR Visa

Canada PR visa

Canada is a very desirable destination for Indians to migrate to. The rules of migration are relatively more accessible and allow a considerable number of applicants to gain a permanent residency visa with help off Best Canada PR Consultants in India.

Canada boasts of a very well developed economy and social infrastructure as well as entirely free healthcare. The government of Canada looks forward to welcoming a million skilled workers between 2018 and 21. Top Canada Immigration Consultancy such as Aspire World Immigration can help any applicant secure entry into Canada with great ease.

It is straightforward to become a PR visa holder with the help of Express Entry program or EEP in the opinion of Canada Express Entry Visa Consultancy. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC initiated this program to make sure that the most suitable and able candidates find a way to Canada from around the world. The EEP allows entry through three different categories -

  • 1. Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • 2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • 3. Canadian Experience Class

The last one is for those who have graduated from Canadian education institutions or have prior work experience in Canada. The first two are for entirely new migrants.

The steps of the EEP program in 2019 according to Canada federal skilled trade Visa consultants are -

To be a part of the EEP selection process the following steps are required.
  • Gather together all necessary documents related to education and work experience.
  • Pass the IELTS exam which tests the skill of English reading, writing, speaking, listening. The IELTS exam happens every month in different centers across India. For FSWP the least score required in IELTS is equivalent of CLB 7. The requirement for FSTP is CLB level 5.
  • Have your education achievements verified by World Education Services or WES. This step provides in a way an equivalent Canadian mark sheet of grades obtained in India.
  • Select a profession based on the National Occupation Classification list published by the Canadian government every year.
  • Create a profile online in Express Entry Program. The profile contains age, educational achievements, skill in English as shown in IELTS scores and relevant work interest. Submission of the profile is known as Expression of Interest.
  • The EEP ranks applicants based on a scoring scheme known as Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. CRS gives every applicant a point based total depending on criteria of age etc.
  • There is a need for a minimum of 67 points in CRS to enter the process of selection
    • Every fortnight IRCC organizes a draw and selects candidates who score above a specific predetermined cut off score. The score required in 2018 was about 450.
  • Those securing less score can apply to different states and territories of Canada. Many provinces allow entry with lower CRS score. However, the drawback is that the applicant has to live in the region and work locally for 2-3 years before seeking work elsewhere in Canada.
  • If the draw is successful, then the Candian government issues an Invitation to Apply or ITA requiring the applicant to apply for the visa.
  • At this time it is possible to enroll in a Canadian job bank and start looking for employment.

The application for a visa has to be made within 90 days of receiving the ITA. Best Visa Consultants For Canada make the entire process happen in less than 6 months

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