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An Easy Way To Get Jobs In Abroad

Moving abroad and settling down in a First World country

Indian skilled workers are in high demand abroad. Every year many thousands of Indians migrate to every corner of the globe from Australia to North America with help of immigration Consultant. It is an attractive prospect because First World countries offer generous pay and very high standards of living which cannot be imagined in India.

The idea of moving to a foreign country and working there is attractive, but it also requires proper planning and preparation. If you want to live abroad, you need to embrace this idea and do your research to optimize your CV then.

Here are few tips about moving abroad easily.

Evaluate the situation - Ask yourself important questions. Why do you think someone would prefer you to a local candidate? Do you have skills that are needed but not sufficiently available in that country? Do you believe that the country's immigration policy favors companies that want a skilled migrant workforce? Will the language barrier be a massive issue for you who will be in a overseas jobs for Indian? Are there ways of promoting your skills? How big is the market in the country where you are applying for your skills? Make sure you have a clear idea to several such questions. Be practical and understand your position through careful research and logic.

Hire a genuine overseas human resources firm - You can hire professional consultants to get a jobs in abroad for Indians. These consultants provide expert advice and support, but their services come at a price. However, he must pay attention to false recruitment companies which fleece unsuspecting customers promising jobs abroad. Look for a firm which has helped someone you know. You should consult the advice of family and ask your friends and find reviews on social networks, consumer forums, and the Internet before spending money. There are many excellent firms available with a little bit of research.

Create a good CV - Well, that does not mean a long list of everything you've done in life so far. Of course, we Indians tend to waste time on quantity rather than quality and precision. Limit it to a maximum length of a page and half and focus only on the achievements that have made you what you are and relevant to your work. Try to include keywords and jargons related to your work and your creativity without overdoing it. Keep it fresh, concise, precise and present yourself well.

Create a cover letter - This is a skill seldom learned in India. Most employers will be interested in knowing why you wish to move abroad. What is your motivation to give up your roots and shift a few thousand miles? Why do you want to work in a particular position? Unless the answer to these are clear your CV will not make the cut. You need to be convincing and have excellent and clear explanations. You can take help of Best Consultants For Abroad Jobs in India for this purpose.

Make your LinkedIn profile up to date - Set up a LinkedIn profile if you do not already have one. There is not much possibility of a job without a presence there. Upload a good photo and write a good CV with details of previous positions held. Ask people you know for recommendations. Never shoot of "friend requests" to perfect strangers without a great cover message about why you want to be on their connection list. Grow your network slowly and steadily and take help of Best Consultants For Abroad Jobs in India.

Create a profile on job sites - Make sure you enroll yourself on international job search engines like Monster. Though this will not usually pay off, there is an off chance it might.

Explore the possibility of permanent residency - Canada and Australia offer permanent residency to skilled workers. Between now and 2020 Canada is looking to allow about two hundred thousand skilled workers to migrate there. Australia has a smaller job market, but still, a large number of Indians become employed in Australia. A permanent resident is not a citizen but has almost every right which a citizen enjoys. It is better than a work visa because it is easy to travel to and from the country and also it is the first step towards citizenship. The US offers the Green Card for the same reason, but it is a long process. With luck, one may receive PR visa to Canada in as little as four months and to Australia in as little as six months. At most within a year one can become settled in either of these two countries.

Both of these countries have an almost similar system of immigration and allow overseas jobs for Indian. It is points based and free of any bias due to race, nationality, color, religion, gender.

There are many ways to immigrate to Canada of which the easiest is the Federal Express Entry Program (EEP) meant for skilled workers. The EEP has three categories - Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

There are principally three types of PR visas for Australia - Skilled Independent Visa 189, Skilled Nominated Visa 190 and the Skilled Regional Provisional Visa 489. All of these provide point based entry into Australia. The first two are permanent residency visa and the last one a temporary visa which can be used as a pathway to a permanent visa.

For both countries create an online profile and prepare an Expression of Interest (EOI). If based on age, educational qualifications, relevant work experience, English skills (as shown by IELTS) your score is above satisfactory then you are invited to apply for a permanent resident visa.


There are other ways such as attending international job fairs such as the one held in Delhi every year where immigration Consultant can help you. You could also try and join a multinational company and try to work at one of their foreign sites or offices. But at all times you have to remember that there are many talented Indians who are trying to migrate for what is at the end a minimal number of jobs. So competition is intense, but the prize is well worth it.

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