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Why Work in Dubai

Your Finances Secured

Dubai is a standout among the most monetarily secure goals on the planet. With companies promptly paying up to AED 75,000 to venture chiefs consistently, from time to time are simply the odds that you'll discover battling with funds here. Moreover, the nonappearance of any sort of pay assessment makes you promote ecstatic as far as cash administration. Presently you have all the space, time and cash in particular to make ventures, go around the wonderful nation and still make adequate funds.

A Perfect Weather to Suit Everyone

It may be known for its dust storms and a sunny climate, yet Dubai has daylight every day in the year.At minimum for nine months around the year, it has a superbly charming climate to appreciate outside exercises and faultlessly lovely shorelines. Be that as it may, the late spring months can bring a temperature wave as high as 40 degrees, yet indoor exercises here are led consistently.

Job Opportunities to Knock Your Socks Off

It sure does sound dramatic enough to make you barely believe the fact, but the reality is – it is a global hub in terms of economic growth and career avenues. Adding to the same, the approaching World EXPO in 2020 would take sectors like logistics, real estate, banking, finance, manufacturing and transportation to a whole new level of revenue growth. Corporations are nearly running wild to acquire the best talent and make recruitment in heaps and loads.

Get your applications going and before you know, there'll be an interview call from any Emirate employer of your choice.

Hot Occupation List

  • Hospitality Professional
  • Mechanic
  • Driver
  • Plumber
  • Engineer Professional
  • Electrical Superior
  • Electrician
  • Safety Officer
  • Healthcare Professional
  • Teachers

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a valid passport holder
  • Should be 18 years & above
  • Minimum 10 + Diploma (Minimum)
  • Minimum Exp Freshers can apply
  • Good Communication Skills

Minimum Salary Wage

  • 1000 to 5000 Dirham / Month
  • Per week hrs of work - You work for 40 hrs/week


  • Experience Letter
  • Education Certificate
  • Passport
  • ITR
  • Rest all your documentation manager shall guide you.

A Hub in the Vast Global Network

A noteworthy explanation behind a tremendous lump of industry specialists and big cheeses to set up a business base in Dubai is the effective network it carries with rest of the nations around. Obviously, there's a motivation behind why Dubai worldwide outperformed the eminent Heathrow in London regarding universal traveler activity consistently. Along these lines, on the off chance that you think availability is a detour keeping you from having a work life in Dubai, at that point you may need to reconsider!

You can discover non-stop flights to practically every real city on the planet from Dubai.

A Multi-Cultural Lifestyle

The UAE has over 3/4th of its population comprising of expats flocking from various parts of the world. Dubai being the most famous of emirates, exhibits a similar trend in terms of demographics. Your workplace itself would have people speaking different languages, following different conventions and practicing different religions. It is the high tolerance level of the regime that every individual is allowed and given space to practice their own culture and religion, without any opposition whatsoever.

Easy Accommodation at Suitable Prices

While most of the professionals finding international jobs worry about their accommodation in a new country, Dubai's got that part covered for you. Home to real estate marvels like the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah, it offers property at plausible prices that suit all requirements and keep you from going broke here. Even though the property prices have seen a dip during 2015, the value offered is comparable to the European market. State government is investing huge funds, hence creating real estate products that suit every individual's requirements in Dubai.


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