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UK Investor Visa

High net worth individuals who wish to reside in UK can seek a Tier 1 investment visa. It requires an investment of GBP 2 million in the UK say UK Investor Visa Consultants. The residency is open for the investor and his immediate family consisting of spouse and dependent children. As per information given by UK Entrepreneur Visa Consultants in india the residency is for 3 years and thereafter it can be extended for 2 years.

UK Investor Visa Consultants in india have great deal of experience with relocating people to UK. The process of migration to any First World nation is very strict says UK Investor Visa Consultancy. The immigration authorities scrutinize all application forms in great deal of detail. This is why the services of UK Investor Visa Consultancy in india is required. The application forms can be perfectly prepared and UK Entrepreneur Visa Consultants can make sure that no detail is missing or misleading.

UK Entrepreneur Visa Consultancy specializes in relocating citizens from one part of the world to another. There is a need for such a process to be smooth and flawless. This can be assured by the expert services of UK Entrepreneur Visa Consultancy in india.

  • Investment Name: Tier 1 Investor program
  • Minimum investment: £200,000 and upwards
  • Qualifying investments:
    • £200,000 Tier-1 Entrepreneur visa through investment in UK businesses
    • £2,000,000 Tier-1 Investor visa through investments in UK Government bonds, or share capital in UK companies. Real estate purchase not allowed
  • Visa type: Tier 1 visa
  • Residency requirements: Must live 9 months per year in the UK
  • Permanent residency: After 5 years (ILR)
  • UK citizenship: After 6 years in total with ILR status
  • Dual nationality: Allowed
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