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Luxembourg Investor Visa

Luxembourg provides residency permits if some criteria are met. This needs an investment of at least Euro 500,000 in a company with its registered office in Luxembourg according to information given by Luxembourg Investor Visa Consultants. The investment has to be for at least five years. There are other options too such as depositing at least euro 20 million in a Luxembourg financial institution in the opinion of Luxembourg Investor Visa Consultants in India. However, investment in real estate does not allow one right to an investor visa says Luxembourg Investor Visa Consultancy.

Luxembourg Investor Visa Consultancy in India allows all who wish to migrate to Luxembourg the opportunity. It is very possible to relocate to the heart of Europe with help of Luxembourg Investment Visa Consultants. It makes it very possible to move around entire EU freely and also produce and sell goods and services. Luxembourg Investment Visa Consultants in India make the process smooth and ensure that there are no hassles.

Investing in another country is often a matter of legal dispute and one needs full guidance about the law. Such information is given by Luxembourg Investment Visa Consultancy. Every support about Luxembourg investor visa can be easily gained from Luxembourg Investment Visa Consultancy in India.

  • Investment Name: Economic investment
  • Minimum Investment: CHF 100,000 (no limit)
  • Qualifying Investments: Commercial and industrial activities in various sectors such as:
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Technology
    • Research and Innovations
    • Shipping
    • Cleaning
    • Financial services
  • Visa type: C visa / D visa / Residence permit for Business
  • Permanent Residency: After 5 years of living
  • Citizenship: After total 7 years of living
  • Dual citizenship: Permitted
  • VAT: 17%
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