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Latavia Investor Visa

Latvia introduced a golden visa programme back in 2010. An investor can become a resident of Latvia for 5 years by investing Euro 250,000 to buy property according to Latvia Investor Visa Consultants. Latvia Investor Visa Consultants in India help everyone who applies for an investment visa in Latvia. It is of the essence to be quick says Latvia Investor Visa Consultancy. The Euro 250,000 limit is for the first 800 applicants. Thereafter the limit rises to Euro 500,000.

Latvia Investor Visa Consultancy in India gives help to all applicants who want to enter Latvia as a permanent resident. Latvia is part of EU and a residency there allows access to all of Europe. Latvia Investment Visa Consultants is very able in scrutinizing forms which have to be submitted. Latvia Investment Visa Consultants in India give a lot of guidance and information regarding migration. It is necessary to relocate only with up to date information available from Latvia Investment Visa Consultancy in India.

After staying in the country for five years one can apply for permanent resident status and after a decade of residence one can become a citizen says Latvia Investment Visa Consultancy. This is a quick and easy way to migrate to Europe.

Latvia is a Baltic EU member and has the agreement with Schengen. Latvia has cheap very affordable costs of living compared to other European countries. It has a good real estate market

  • Investment Name: Latvia Investor Visa
  • Investment Needed: €200,000
  • Qualifying Investments:
    • €250,000 in real estate + 5% state fee
    • €200,000 in business investment in a Latvian company
    • €300,000 bank deposit in a Latvian bank
  • Visa Type: D Visa
  • Residence Requirements: None
  • Permanent Residence: After 5 years
  • Latvian Citizenship After 10 yrs
  • Dual Citizenship Allowed
  • Latvia VAT 21%
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