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Cyprus Investors Visa

Cyprus is an EU country and best for investment today.

  • Investment Name:
    • Naturalization of Investors scheme in Cyprus by exception (“citizenship program”)
    • Cyprus Permanent Residency Scheme
  • Investment needed:
    • €300,000 for golden visa
    • € 2 million euro (cyprus passport)
  • Investment qualification:
    • €5 million - cyprus state bonds
    • €5 million - in bonds, securities,
    • €2 million in real estate, construction of residential/commercial development projects, tourism or infrastructure projects.
    • €5 million direct investment in new or existing cypriot company.
    • €5 million bank deposit in a cyprus bank (personal, privately owned company, trust)
    • €5 million on any combination of above..
    • €12.5 million in a collective investment scheme, where each investors share is €2.5 million.

      Under the Cyprus permanent residency scheme,

    • €300,000 real estate investment in cyprus.
  • Visa type: Certificate of Naturalisation (“Citizenship”) or Permanent residence permit depending on the scheme.
  • Processing time: 2 months
  • UK /Canada: No visa required to visit Canada, UK with cyprus passport.
  • Citizenship: After 5 years of uninterrupted living
  • Family visa: Allowed
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