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Cyprus Investor Visa

Cyprus is one of the European country and the best for investment. Like other European countries, Cyprus has its own virtue nowadays Cyprus is taking over in the tourism industry. Real estate industry is also growing rapidly. Therefore Cyprus is ready to offer the investors the maximum return to their investment for sure. To process for the Cyprus investor visa every investor should find one Cyprus Investor Visa Consultancy. And for someone who is willing to apply for the same from India they may get connected to Cyprus Investor Visa Consultants in India.

There are few Cyprus investment visa programs offered by Cyprus and they are, Naturalization of Investors scheme in Cyprus or citizenship program and Cyprus Permanent Residency Scheme.

Like other investor visa program here also an investment is required and that is EUR 300,00 for golden visa and EUR 2 million for Cyprus passport. There are some short of standard been made in Cyprus country. Those investment qualifications are based on specific investments that you must know. The investor visa provided by Cyprus is also allowed you to get the permanent citizenship over the period of 5 years of uninterrupted living. If you apply for a Cyprus passport paying 2 million euros that will let you travel UK and Canada without any visa stamping on Cyprus passport. Cyprus investor visa allows to bring the family along children under 21 and unmarried and husband and wife.

As per the Cyprus Investor Immigration Consultants, the process takes 2 months approx., to complete all the requirement and obtain the investor visa from Cyprus. To know more about it you can contact us our experts will help you with the same.

Cyprus is an EU country and best for investment today.

  • Investment Name:
    • Naturalization of Investors scheme in Cyprus by exception (“citizenship program”)
    • Cyprus Permanent Residency Scheme
  • Investment needed:
    • €300,000 for golden visa
    • € 2 million euro (cyprus passport)
  • Investment qualification:
    • €5 million - cyprus state bonds
    • €5 million - in bonds, securities,
    • €2 million in real estate, construction of residential/commercial development projects, tourism or infrastructure projects.
    • €5 million direct investment in new or existing cypriot company.
    • €5 million bank deposit in a cyprus bank (personal, privately owned company, trust)
    • €5 million on any combination of above..
    • €12.5 million in a collective investment scheme, where each investors share is €2.5 million.

      Under the Cyprus permanent residency scheme,

    • €300,000 real estate investment in cyprus.
  • Visa type: Certificate of Naturalisation (“Citizenship”) or Permanent residence permit depending on the scheme.
  • Processing time: 2 months
  • UK /Canada: No visa required to visit Canada, UK with cyprus passport.
  • Citizenship: After 5 years of uninterrupted living
  • Family visa: Allowed
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