UK Investor Visa

UK (The Great Britain)

The United Kingdom is a well - known established and fifth-largest economy of the world. Its Currency which is Pound also known as Great British Pound (GBP) is the worlds third largest Reserve Currency after Euro and United state dollar. Presently the UK has successfully retained its top position in the Global economy and in terms of foreign Investment. The UK also offers a Vast business opportunity for Investments with low labour costs and high returns which makes it an attractive Investment Destination.

Why is The United Kingdom is an Attractive Investment Destination?

  • Taxation: UK has an internationally competitive tax environment for foreign investors: the UK has the lowest corporate tax at 28 percent which is the lowest in the G7. The highest personal tax bond at 40 percent is also the lowest in the EU.
  • Stability: UK has a stable Political environment and stable regulatory environment. The UK follows a consultative approach for formulation of regulation which is beneficial for a business environment.
  • Ranking: the UK is known for its quality research base and ranks second on the list of most productive places for innovation. According to the World Bank report, UK is the most flexible market in Europe.
  • Diverse Economy: The UKs diverse economy is the perfect location for businesses to explore their international business potential. The UK is the second largest exporter of commercial services and the seventh largest exporter of merchandise. All these factors make it the hotspot for foreign direct investment.

How to Invest in The UK?

There are Two types of Programs for Investing in The UK:

  • UK Tier 1 Investment program: The United Kingdom has an official Investor Immigration Program for wealth and high net worth individuals who make a substantial high investment in the economy and development in the United Kingdom. Under this program, foreign nationals who are interested in immigrating to UK are required to make a high net worth investment of at least GBP 2 million.
  • UK Entrepreneur Program: This Program requires the main applicant to pass an English Language test before the visa is granted at quite a high level equivalent to 6.0 of IELTS examination. (That also includes the spouse and children of the main applicant) the minimum fund which is required for this Program is 200,000 GBP

How much The Investors can Invest:

  • You must invest at least 2,000,000 GBP or more in the form UK government bonds, loan or share capital in active and trading UK certified and registered companies
  • To Settle there you need to further Invest 5million GBP to 10 Milion GBP
  • There is also a Fee of 1,500 GBP you are applying from Tier 1 Investor Visa


  • FUNDS:You must have at least 2,000,000 GBP or more investment funds to apply for a Tier 1 (Investor) visa. The funds must be held in regulated financial institution and must free to spend in the UK. The applicant also has to present the current Bank Statements for proof of their financial stability during their time of stay
  • AGE: The age of the applicant must be 18 or over
  • LANGUAGE:Language Test Results (Tier 2 English Language Requirement)

Other Activities And Restrictions

This Visa holder can only work in The Business venture they are running but aren't allowed to take an occupation outside their Business.

So, The Investment in Britain is flying high. The UK is a very strong brand overseas, and this is an engine for providing the growth and jobs we need to drive forward a healthy and sustainable recovery. For more further enquiry, any help and advice feel free to fill the assessment form


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