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Dubai is Huge name Itself in worlds Economy and Now does not require any Introduction, The Progressive development of Dubai in Infrastructure, Economy and tourism in the last 3 decades is Massive and Remarkable. Today It is the most Happening Tourist destination not only in UAE but in the world. The mega projects such as Burj Khalifa, Palm Island and Business Bay is also a reason why investors all over the globe are craving to enter in Dubai is Fastest growing economy.

Why is Dubai an Ideal Destination for Investors?

  • Booming Economy: Not only the Oil trade but, tourism, trade, business services and other industries. The construction of new hotels and real estate projects is a direct result of Dubai's growing tourism industry.
  • Extremely high returns: Dubais real estate market is maturing as the citys population is increasing each year. Investors aware of the growing demographic are wisely purchasing property to supply the boost in rent demand.
  • Safety Standards: Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world, which is a strong advantage when purchasing a property. Even incidents of petty crime are rare. The UAE is an economic and political safe haven and a beacon of stability in the Middle East.
  • World Expo 2020: Dubai is hosting the next World Expo in October 2020. The Expo will attract approximately 25 million visitors from 180 nations. The announcement of the Expo in Dubai has boosted the off-plan property sector.

How To Invest In Dubai?

The UAE offers an Investor visa that provides temporary residence to its holder. The temporary residence lasts for a maximum period of three years and is a good option for foreign nationals seeking to establish their own business or to invest into an existing business in the UAE.

The Visa Program enables the applicant to gain permanent residency in Dubai through a monitory investment. Being in a free trade zone the applicant can either invest in UAE Real estate venture or establish a UAE Enterprise.

How much can Someone Invest?

  • Investor - Visa: To qualify for this Investor Visa each applicant must deposit 10,000AED to 20,000AED with the Government of UAE. The applicant must also prove that he/she has sufficient funds to make a significant investment into a UAE company.
  • Real Estate Investor Visa: To obtain a UAE investor residency visa through this route, the investor must purchase property totaling at least AED 1,000,000 (approx £165,000 / $270,000). The investor must also prove that their income is at least AED 10,000 per month. Through this option, the investor is not permitted to work in the UAE(Outside the Real-estate business). And the visa lasts a total of 3 years.

Documentation and Eligibility

  • Relevant Visa application with fee
  • Valid passport of the applicant
  • Sufficient funds with theirValid Source
  • Health certificate and No criminal record in the past staying countryThe free Trade Zone License
  • The free Trade Zone License

Dubai is Actually an Ideal destination for Investors also because Investors typically have more control over the nature, timing and size of real estate investments. This is partly because they are tangible and easier to understand, and diversification is readily available in the form of different types of property. For further enquiry and any help and advice feel free to contact us


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