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Hungary Immigrant Investor Program

Hungary is EU zone Schengen part nation in Central Europe. The capital is Budapest, an excellent vacationer goal and the national cash is Hungarian Forint (HUF). The average cost for basic items in Hungary is significantly less expensive contrasted with other European nations and you can exploit less expensive land costs in Hungary.

In Hungary, there are two types of immigration programs possible for business investors.

We offer business migration program to our customers to move to Hungary. Simply shape another organization in Hungary and as an entrepreneur, you can move to Hungary with your family. The most well-known type of organization among nonnatives is Kit (single individual possessed LLC). The base capital required is approx. EUR 10,000 (3,000,000 HUF) to shape an organization. The organization arrangement is quick and normally it takes 1-2 weeks. Hungary is a business inviting nation and corporate assessments are 10% for little scale organizations. Hungarian organizations are given VAT number and are required to document assesses each year, in light of your overall salary.

Once company formation is done, and all papers are obtained, non EU persons can apply for long term visa at the Hungary embassy in your country. You will be initially given 30 day C entry visa to enter Hungary, and once you are in Hungary, you will be given residence permit in the form of biometric residence card. This temporary residence card allows you to stay in other European Schengen countries and stay there for up to 90 days in 6 month period. The residence card is valid for 1 year and after that yearly renewals are done. After 5 years of stay in Hungary, you are eligible to apply for Permanent residence canada


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