Internship in Turkey

Internship program in Turkey

There are many fascinating countries in this world but Turkey stands out among them due to its amazing culture and geographical location. This country is situated in a gray zone between Asia and Europe; it was also home to some legendary empires like Ottoman Empire. The rich history and opportunities presented by Turkey make it a fantastic place to hone and develop your professional as well as personal skills.

Aspire World Immigration Service's skilled employees maintain a close working relationship with many companies ranging from small start-ups to well-established multinational companies. These companies are spread all over the world including Turkey, as we strive to provide our customers with only the best.


Europe is a fascinating continent that offers beautiful scenery, captivating history and bountiful opportunities for youngsters, these qualities are plentiful in the beautiful country of Turkey. By joining an internship program in Turkey you are not only testing your freedom but you are also expanding your communicational and cultural horizons. Life rarely presents everyone with such great opportunities, so when it does you must grab it with both hands and enjoy it to its fullest.


  • Age: between 21 and 35 years old.
  • Education: either enrolled in a university degree programme or; begin the internship within a year of completing a Masters degree or; have a Bachelors degree and be sponsored as part of an academic or development programme.
  • Languages: good working knowledge of English. Knowledge of other official United Nations languages (French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian) is an asset.
  • Nationality: nationals of UNIDO Member States have priority.

To prepare you for the journey and stay ahead in Turkey, we will mail you a detailed pre-departure orientation. In this orientation questions such as what to bring to Turkey, what to expect etc. will be addressed. We advise all the candidates to read this orientation properly and in case of doubt contact us.

Placement process:

The placement process is quite simple. You will have to firstly register yourself with Aspire World Immigration Services and then apply for your preferred internship. A list of host companies providing the best internship opportunities in Turkey will interview you and after your selection we will take care of the rest. We suggest that you do your own research and scouting, however we insist that you keep us in loop with your progress.

Host Companies:

Turkey has many famous companies providing great internship opportunities; business, politics and tourism being few of its top industries. Aspire World Immigration Services chooses companies based on their reputation, so if you want to work in particular area of Turkey then we suggest that you scout for internship opportunities that suit your needs.

Important documents:

Aspire World Immigration Services will handle the obtaining of all the necessary important documents like visa etc. with great ease, all you have to do is provide us with the necessary papers to apply for them.

Fields and internship positions:

In Turkey you will find ample internship opportunities in various fields but the most prominent industries are tourism, business and politics. Your internship position will depend on your host companies and the work it requires of you. We suggest that you keep your mind open to all kind of possibilities and be flexible for any curve balls thrown at you.

Start date and duration of the internship:

The internship will usually start at the beginning of the year but there are chances that it may get postponed. Nevertheless we advise strongly that the candidate apply for the internship at least 5 months before it begins. The duration of the internship can be as long as 6 - 12 months or as small as 3 months.

Other factors:

Matters such as travel, housing, food etc. must be handled by you as Aspire World Immigration Services will not be providing them. There are many beautiful places to see in Turkey but we advise the candidate to travel in the weekend otherwise he/she might effect their internship.


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