Internship Program in Switzerland

Want to enjoy your internship in the beautiful environment and culture of Switzerland, but the whole immigration process is making you wary? Well worry no more as Aspire World Immigration Services is here to help you. The new culture and environment you get to experience in Switzerland is sure to prepare you better for your future and create unforgettable memories.

Aspire World Immigration Services skilled staff works closely with companies from different countries thereby providing you with opportunities of a lifetime. From small family held companies to well established ones, you will get the prospect to internship with the company of your choice.

Why us?

Many of you may think that studying in other countries might not be so beneficial but on the contrary the opportunity to experience a new culture, environment and people will help improve your whole personality. You will not only be able to test your independence but will also be able to sharpen your communication skills thus helping in building your future. Countries like Switzerland don't just enrich you culturally but they also give the opportunity to experience nature like never before.


  • You must possess a valid passport
  • You must also have at least two years university level studies in major
  • Qualities like good communication skills, fluency in English, team players etc. Must also be possessed.
  • Two years of post-secondary instruction in Switzerland or the equivalent.
  • You must have at least a little experience of target internship as it will help settle and work better. This experience will help you garner better internship opportunities.

Pre -Departure:

Pre -Departure: An email or mail encompassing the pre-departure orientation will be sent to you, so that you can prepare yourself. Topics such as - what to bring to Switzerland, what to expect there etc. will be addressed in this orientation!

Placement Process:

After your acceptance to the internship, Aspire World Immigration Services will take care of the rest. Our efficient staffs holds a close working relationship with many companies all over the world, thereby giving you ample opportunity to garner an internship of a lifetime. Despite our ability to find a good internship opportunity we encourage the candidate to research themselves, so that they can find a company they would like to internship at. Nevertheless, Aspire World Immigration Services advices you to regularly inform them of any progress.

Host Companies:

Companies including PwC Denmark, EY, Deloitte International, Procter & Gamble, Accenture etc. offer internships. We also provide internship opportunities in start-ups and small family owned companies. We recommended that the candidate do a thorough research if they prefer to work in a certain location in Switzerland as our internship program companies can be anywhere in Switzerland.

Visa and other necessary documents:

Aspire World Immigration Services strives to make your internship as smooth as possible therefore we will manage the acquisition of visa and other necessary documents. All you need to do is provide us with the needed information and papers.

Internship position:

The internship position will be based on the candidates qualification, experience and communication skills.

Fields available:

The candidate can internship in many fields like IT, Economy, tourism, Engineering, Business etc. We recommended that you choose the field based on your educational qualifications and future aspirations.

Start date and duration:

The internship usually starts at the beginning of the month, but sometimes the date might get pushed back. Nevertheless we recommend that you apply for the desired program five months before its start date. The duration of the internship can be three months, six months or twelve months.


Other matters such as fee, compensation, health insurance etc. will be addressed by Aspire World Immigration Services competent staff. All you need to do is call or mail us. Housing and travel will not be provided by Aspire World Immigration Services, you will have to make the arrangements yourself.

Program fee and other costs:

All the costs to the internship program in Switzerland will be explained ad addressed during the orientation process.


Aspire World Immigration Services accepts applications all year round and the necessary forms are readily available in their website. In case of any doubt you can contact us either with a phone or an email.


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