Internship in Germany

Internship program in Germany

With Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services jobs internship program in Germany, students and other individuals will be able to enjoy the amazing opportunity of living, learning and enjoying Germany first-handed. This opportunity to improve your skills and experience a new culture is rare and memorable.

Our efficient staff works with various organizations from freshly started start-ups to multinational holdings, thus placing you in an internship program that is perfect for your future aspirations and goals.


Experience is the best teacher, this quote is most applicable for youngsters as they still have much more to learn. By entering an internship program in Germany, youngsters like you will open yourself to a whole new world of culture, language and environment. Experiences such as these will help you in planning and shaping your future for the better. This golden opportunity to enjoy your freedom and have an adventure of a lifetime is a must have experience for every youngster out there.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In case you are a graduate, you can also participate in the internship program as long as the internship begins within three months of your graduation.
  • To apply for an internship program in Germany, you should be at least 18 years of age but not more than 35 years.
  • You should be enrolled with an accredited college or university, before, during, and after the program.
  • It is important to have at least two years of post-secondary instruction in German, or the equivalent. You can undertake additional language training, if required during the internship.
  • You should possess at least two years of university level studies in the field of study in which you wish to take up the internship program.
  • Any kind of practical experience, such as summer employment, prior internship, or lab position, will be highly appreciated and will improve your chances of getting hired with a better host company. The more experienced you are, the more desirable you are for the hiring organization.

Program Details


Once your internship is confirmed, you will receive a pre-departure orientation mailing with information about your course. Various topics such as what you must bring to Germany, important program dates, introduction to your work place in Germany and many other such topics will be addressed.

Placement Process

After your acceptance for the internship is confirmed, Aspire World Immigration will start looking for internships in German based on the field you decided during the interview. We are an international company that work closely with many companies all over the world, including Germany. Such connections allow us to acquire coveted and prestigious internship positions in Germany as well. We encourage the candidates to do their own research and select a company where they would like to intern, if necessary even contact them on their own. Whatever might you choice be, Aspire World Immigration always wants to stay in the loop with you.

Host Companies

Whether it is small family-owned companies, new start-ups or multinational co-operations, we at Aspire World Immigration have a close working relationship with many of them. This allows us an ample opportunity to choose the best company for your internship as we understand its significance in your internship program. The location of the company can be anywhere in Germany, but if you want a particular location then we highly encourage you to research the location and the internship opportunities present with it. Aspire World Immigration strives to provide you with the best company no matter its location.

Internship Positions

We offer internship positions in many field including business, tourism, engineering, IT, economics etc. Your internship positions will depend on the company you do your internship at; some companies might want you to be more independent while others might want you to have a good team approach. Companies will mainly select you by your conduct, manners and references. All your communications with the company must be informed to Aspire World Immigration. This internship opportunity will improve your communication and cultural skills greatly therefore you must always keep an open mind about all the offers that come your way.

Start Date and Duration

Usually internships begin at the first working day of the month but there are chances that it may begin at other dates. Therefore you must apply five months prior to your desired programs start date and if you are accepted early, in that case, your internship might begin earlier than you planned. The duration of the internship is usually 6 to 12 months; however it can also be as short as 3 months as well.


Generally internships are paid. Compensations can be approximately EUR 200 to 600 per month, or approximately EUR 100 to 200 per month plus free housing. Like US many of these internships are non-profit organizations and are done for cultural enrichment. It is always intelligent to carry a little extra emergency cash in your person. Tax deductions from your gross income may amount to approximately 30%, depending on the amount of compensation. We also advise you to consult a tax professional to know more.

Health Insurance

Aspire World Immigration requires all participants to purchase our HTH Insurance policy (currently $55 per month). Candidates will only be exempted if he/she purchases equivalent international health insurance from their university.


An intelligent candidate will make his/her housing arrangements before hand as ultimately housing is your responsibility. Your companies will help you in the process of finding the correct housing. Any failure on the candidates part in securing the same cannot be put on to Aspire World Immigration.


Aspire World Immigration will not fund or arrange your travel; it must be done on your own. Candidates are expected to complete their internship and not use the time for travel. Although we encourage weekend trips to acquaint you with Germanys culture.

Placement Process

  • After initial evaluation
  • Client registration with Aspire World
  • Rewrite resume according to employer
  • Market resume according to best opening
  • Preparing you for unites man
  • Interview waiver
  • Once shortlisted,

Hot Sectors for Internship

  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare profession
  • Engineer
  • I.T.

Program fee and other costs:

All the costs to the internship program in Germany will be explained ad addressed during the orientation process.


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