Internship in Dubai

Internship program in Dubai

Dubai is a land of dreams that has transformed itself radically over the years to establish itself as a hub for future entrepreneurs and others thriving business. This big city houses many companies that offer great internship opportunities to candidates looking to hone their skills and build a better future. Dubai is a land of opportunities that Aspire World Immigration Services is quite familiar with.

This familiarity allows us to work closely with companies ranging from promising start-ups to well-established multi-national conglomerates thereby ensuring you an unforgettable and fruitful internship. Aspire World Immigration Services provides its customers with only the best.


If the exciting, thrilling and electric environment of Dubai is not attraction enough then you can take up this opportunity after considering its positive effect on your future. An internship program in Dubai will not only introduce you to the professional field of your choice but it will also allow you to experience a whole new culture, lifestyle and environment. The chance to enjoy these new experiences in ones lifetime is very rare and must be appreciated to the fullest.


  • You must be the owner of a working and valid passport
  • You must possess good communication skills and team work skills, with fluency in English
  • You must be the owner of at least two years university level studies in your field of major
  • Two years of post-secondary instruction in Dubai or a degree of the same equivalency must be possessed by you
  • You are also suggested to acquire an experience of target internship as this will make you a better candidate of choice for the companies interviewing you and this will also give you a better picture of what to expect.

Program Details:

Pre -Departure:

A detailed and informative pre-departure orientation will be mailed to you. In this orientation various topics like what to bring to Dubai, what to expect etc. will be addressed so that you can prepare yourself better for the internship.

Placement process:

You will need to select the field you would like to internship in and we will scout for the best internship opportunities available in Dubai. You will have to then interview with the company and after your selection, we at Aspire World Immigration Services will take care of the rest. We also encourage to scout and research for internship opportunities, as this may help them make a choice. But we request the candidate to keep us informed about any progress or changes in their process.

Host Companies:

Dubai is home to myriad of companies that offers amazing internship positions and opportunities. From small start-ups to big multinational co-operations, you will have a choice of some great host companies. We choose the companies based on their reputation and job prospects, not by location. So if your looking for internship opportunities in a specific area of Dubai then you must do so yourself.

Visa and other necessary documents:

Important documents like Visa are very hard to obtain, but you need not worry as Aspire World Immigration Services will help in acquiring these documents with great ease. However you must provide us with the necessary papers for gaining these documents.

Fields and internship position:

We are well acquainted with companies from varying fields including IT, Economics, Medical, Engineering etc. However your internship position will be based on the company and what it requires from you. As some companies may want you to be more independent whereas others want you to be more of a team player.

Start date and duration of the internship:

The start date of the internship will generally be at the first of the month, it might be delayed in some cases. We advise you, the candidate to apply for the internship at least five months before it beginning date. The duration of the internship can be of 3, 6 or sometimes even 12 months.


Other facilities like housing, food, travel in Dubai etc. must be arranged by you as we at Aspire World Immigration Services hold no responsibility for them.


In this simple process you will have to fill out an application and submit it to us. The applications are available in our website and we accept applications all year round


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