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USA H1B Visa

The H1B visa is a temporary work visa for working in US. It is issued to the employer and not to the employee unlike other work visas according to USA H1B Visa Consultants. It is a non immigrant visa and if it is revoked the skilled worker has to return to native country very quickly adds USA H1B Visa Consultants in india.

US H1B visa is issued to those who specialize in a subject and hold at least a graduate degree in opinion of USA H1B Visa Consultancy. it is mostly used for hiring in different tech oriented sectors such as software and biotech industry. Every year USA H1B Visa Consultancy in india helps thousands of young Indians go abroad to US with a H1B visa.

There is a limited number of H1B visas issued every year and there is a rush for acquiring them by employers. That is why it is important they secure the help of Immigration Consultants For USA. The visa consultants provide guidance and support to all those who wish to apply for these visas. Immigration Consultancy For USA in india have huge expertise in such matters and find for their clients whenever H1B visas are in need.

It’s a government launched visa for non-immigrants which permit US companies/Employers to employ a skilled professional worker

If the foreign worker quits or dismiss the H1B status or is terminated , the worker should apply for new status or should find another employer or leave US

Hot Occupation

  • Research
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Journalism
  • Medicine and Health
  • Doctor
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Business Specialties
  • Technical Writing
  • Theology
Assessment Form


  • Mandate bachelor degree
  • Relevant licence if required
  • Relevant experience if required

Duration of Stay

  • Three Years, Extendable to Six Years.

Lottery System

  • From April 1, till October 1 is the fiscal for the withdraw of lottery

Visa Cost

  • An H-1B Visa (or H-1B transfer) will cost you around $5000 (including government fees).

Family & Dependants

  • It’s a family visa and the depends hold H4 visa.

Documents Required

  • Valid Passport
  • One Photograph.
  • Form DS-160 with CEAC bar code.
  • Visa Fees
  • Original Interview Appointment Letter and One Copy.
  • I-129 Petition Receipt Number, printed on approved Form I-129 petition and copy of your Form I-797 approval.

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