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Canada Express Entry Eligibility Point System
Canada Demographics

  • Capital: Ottawa
  • Dialing code: +1
  • Currency: Canadian dollar $
  • Population: 3.71 crores (2019)
  • Language spoken: English , french
  • Population growth rate - 1.2% annual change ‎(2017)
  • Gross domestic product - 1.65 lakh crores USD ‎(2017)
  • GDP per capita - 45,032.12 USD ‎(2017)
Cost of living in Canada

House rent

  • Paying guest - 400$-750$
  • Shared apartment - 600$-1000$
  • Basement - 1000$-1400$
  • Apartment - 900$-2000$
  • Ownhouse - 1500$-2000$
  • Detached house - 1900$-3500$

Rest the rent also depends on the faclilities like location near metro, location near market and facilties provided


  • TTC
  • Single ticket- 3.25$
  • Weekly passes- 43$
  • Monthy passes- 146$
  • 1 year pass- 134$


  • Mobile bill- 35$-60$
  • Internet bills- 50$-90$
  • Elecricity , gas or water billes - 50$-100$


  • Per person per week
  • Home made food - 40$-75$
  • Restaurant once a week - $30

Gym - 30$- 55$

Movies - 10$- 25$

Total Cost

  • 1000$- 2500$ per month
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Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in India

Canada is known for its beautifully veiled natural beauty, thriving provinces, extended coastline, diverse culture and so on. It has so much to offer for everyone who goes there and takes care of every individual’s needs. Make your journey memorable to Canada with Aspire World Immigration, one of the best Canadian immigration consultants in India. We provide you with customized guidance based on your profile and expectations in the immigrant journey, be it to study or work or even invest while taking care of your family settlement options in Canada.

Canadian Immigration Process

The immigration process in Canada is a multi-faceted one, and depends on the intention, current status, and eligibility range your profile holds. If you are an aspirant applying for a Canada visa application online, there are chances that you would be confused with multiple paths and so it becomes very crucial and important to take the support of an experienced hand in the best immigration consultant to land safely in Canada. Aspire World Immigration is the best and safe choice as the best immigration consultancy in Delhi.

How to Apply For Canada Immigration

For Express Entry, follow these steps with the help of our consultancy

  1. Collect your mandatory documents
  2. Give your IELTS and submit your IELTS Score Card
  3. Check eligibility status for the immigration program
  4. Create profile in the Express Entry Portal
  5. Complete Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  6. Submit the application online and track the status
  7. Wait until you receive Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC
  8. Once you receive ITA, you can submit final PR application
  9. Get your visa stamped and prepare for travel to Canada

Contact us if you’re looking for assistance with your Canada PR visa application.

Why choose Canada Immigration Services?

  • This multipath Canadian immigration process is open for skilled, semi-skilled, and agricultural workers who get top preference by the Canadian government.
  • When it comes to citizenship and immigration Canada, Express Entry is found to be the most established approach which works on a point basis.
  • Apart from Express Entry, getting a work-permit Visa is another way of moving to Canada, and the concerned person can extend it by applying for a PR visa.
  • Quebec is a completely autonomous region in Canada which has its own rules and regulations in accepting immigrants, so you can always try in Quebec if Canada exclusively doesn’t work out for you.
  • One can also migrate to Canada from India as a student and gain their experience over there to get migrated easily, and this applies to those who wish to pursue their overseas career.

Benefits Of Canadian Immigration Services

  • Immigration to Canada gives you the privilege to earn in dollars which is one of the strongest currencies in the world.
  • Get affordable universal healthcare benefits for you and your family.
  • Get free education for your children up to university level as well as a number of scholarship options for university level education as well.
  • Witness a huge number of job opportunities in various industries such as medical, teaching, IT, hospitality, manufacturing, etc.
  • You will also be eligible for unemployment benefits and will be protected under Canadian law as Canada PR holder.
  • Your children under the age of 18 will get free education and subsidized fees for higher education.
  • You can apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years, after which you can also travel visa-free to the United States.

How Aspire World Immigration can help you for Canada Immigration?

Most Reliable Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi from whom you can seek assistance to apply for your PR visa to Canada. We cover all types of immigration requirements and help you proceed in the same with a step by step approach.

Aspire World Immigrations provides you with the experts who are professional, highly qualified, and genuine consultants who will not only guide you through the various skilled visa programs, but also explain their specific requirements and help choose the best program as per your qualifications and work experience.

  • Dedicated Case Officer/Expert For Your Guidance
  • Profile Evaluation Professional Expert
  • Hand-held Documentation Process
  • Aware You About Job Opportunities In & Around Canada
  • Increasing Chances of Selection

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