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1. Australia Bridging Visa A

If you have a substantive Australian visa you can apply for another substantive Australian visa and you will be granted with BVA which will allow you to stay in Australia till the time application is processed.

Important things to note about a BVA:

Travel rights

  • No travel rights on this visa so if you leave Australia, you can’t come back.

Work rights

  • No work rights unless you apply to the Department for another BVA that has no work restrictions.
  • If you have been nominated or sponsored by an employer for a substantive visa,work right scan be granted
  • If you are applying for onshore partner visa you will get work

2. Australia Bridging Visa B

  • Ifyou want to travel outside Australia an you are on substantive visa you need to apply BVB
  • This visa is only valid for three moths
  • You can hold a BVA and a BVB at the same time.

3. Australia Bridging Visa C

For unlawful non-citizen and you lodge a valid application for a substantive visa you will be granted a BVC. This is for people who have overstayed after expiry of your visa, then lodged a valid application.

Important things to note about a BVC:

Travel rights

  • No travel travel rights
  • When you have applied for a substantive visa in Australia you might automatically have been granted a BVC.

Work rights

  • No work allowed till your skillset are verified
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4. Australia Bridging Visa D

When your substantive visa expired, this visa allows you stay in Australia lawfully for a Short duration till you lodge substantive visa application ,make arrangements to leave Australia or are granted a Bridging visa E.

Important things to note about a BVD:

Time limits

  • Granted for 5 days
  • You must use those five days to either lodge a valid application or make arrangements to leave Australia.

Travel rights

  • You cannot re-enter Australia.

Work rights

  • No working rights

5. Australia Bridging Visa E

When your substantive visa ends, this visa allows you to stay in while making arrangements to leave

Important things to note about a BVE:

Travel rights

  • This visa ends once you leave Australia so

Work rights

  • If you have grant letter then only you can work


A substantive visa is a criminal justice visa or an enforcement visa.

  • Visa fee - Base charge 145 Aus dollar
  • Processing time – 2 weeks
  • Visa validity - 0- 3 months

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