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Getting a business visa that too for overseas can be very dicey at times. You need to get in touch with the best immigration service providers in your city. Malaysia is not an open place for all. There are many rules and regulations where people come as tourists; they even come there for business. The business visa for Malaysia is issued only to the traders and business people. All those who are highly skilled in their profession such as engineers, doctors, lawyers etc, look for such visas.

How To Apply

The application criteria for getting a business visa are:

  • The application criteria for getting a business visa are:
  • Original passport with minimum 6 months of validity from the date you apply at the Embassy.
  • You need to submit the invitation letter from the company of Malaysia. The letter should be on the letter head of the company. You need this as proof for a business visit there.
  • You must have a good bank balance to show you will be able to survive in a new country.
  • You should have an overseas medical insurance for emergency.
  • You need to leave the country once your visa expires.

You need to provide your accommodation and letter from the business that you wish to visit.

  • Benefits
  • Working in Malaysia till the time Visa is allotted for
  • Getting the chance to explore more in Malaysia

Processing Time

All those who intend to visit Malaysia for business purpose have to apply for visa which is valid for 90 days only so, in this processing time you can easily get Business Visa for Malaysia.


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