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Getting Job Assistance Visa - Italy Is No More Hassle

Italy is a beautiful country that never fails to excite the travelers with its enticing nightlife, delicious food, world famous artistry and the lavishing landscape. Along with this, the job sector too attracts people from all over the world intending to reach the zenith of success.

This calls for job assistance visa or work permit-Italy. While expats from European Union are not required to get the work permit for making a career in Italy (They are entitled to work freely in the member states of European Union); expats coming outside of EU do need to have the same.

How To Apply - Requirements for working residence permit

Foreigners intending to reside in Italy for a period of over 3 months need to make an application of residence permit. Irrespective of whether the expats are applying for permit for working residence after or before arrival to Italy, they will be required to report to their respective local immigration centre in less than eight days since their arrival to Italy.

The application form duly filled mentioning the permit type required.

  • Identity proof
  • Bio metric photocopies
  • Passport size photographs

Deposition of the application fees

  • Employees applying for the work permit must have a singed employment contract copy with their respective employer as the same has to be duly submitted to the local provincial immigration centre of the company and the same serves as their application of hiring a foreigner. Only after clearance is given to the employer to hire foreign workers, the employee can make application for work permit in Italy.
  • Validity of the work permit
  • Those getting work permit in respect to seasonal work remains valid for a period of 6 months.
  • Permit for employment at any local employer, self-employment is valid for two years.

Minimum Processing Time

Leave your visa problems on us! We will tackle this easily in 90 days of processing time.


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