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Critical Skills Employment Permit For Ireland

The Critical Skills Employment Permit replaces the Green Card type employment permit. The Critical Skills Employment Permit is designed to attract highly skilled people into the labour market with the aim of encouraging them to take up permanent residence in the State.

Eligible occupations under this type of permit are deemed to be critically important to growing Ireland's economy, are highly demanded and highly skilled, and in significant shortage of supply in our labour market.

The purpose of the Critical Skills Employment Permit is to attract highly skilled people to Ireland in key areas where skills shortages have been identified.

The purpose of the Critical Skills Employment Permit is to attract highly skilled people to Ireland in key areas where skills shortages have been identified.

Who needs a work permit?

If you are not a citizen of the European Economic Area or Switzerland in most cases you will require a work permit to work in Ireland.

What do I need to qualify?

  • Firstly, you will need a job offer from a registered Irish company. The job must come within the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations List. It covers occupations such as ICT, Engineering, Science and Technology professions
  • A relevant degree or qualification is required along with the required experience
  • The position must offer a minimum annual salary of 30,000 per annum for those on the Highly Skilled Occupations List (for those not on the list, the role must offer a minimum annual salary of 60,000)
  • The job offer needs to be a minimum of 2 years

Labour Market Needs Test

  • A Labour Market Needs Test is not required, however an employment permit will not be granted to companies unless 50% or more of the employees in the firm are EEA nationals at the time of application. Exceptions will be made in certain circumstances.

The Process:

  • Application Received (Awaiting Processing): Once an application is submitted and the associated fees, if appropriate, are recorded the application is then placed in the relevant processing queue depending on the Employer type i.e. Trusted Partner or Standard. Please note that applications are processed strictly in date order by Employer Type and applicants can keep track of our current processing dates on the following page. They can also check the progress of their specific application online on our new Online Status Update Enquiry facility. 
  • Processing Stage: This stage is where the application is considered by a decision maker, an official with decision making authority. The processor may request additional information, if required, which should be returned within 28 days. The processor will then either grant an application or refuse it for specific reasons.
  • Review: Where an applicant wishes a refusal decision to be reviewed then he/she may do so within 28 days on the prescribed Submission of a Decision for Review Form. The review will be considered by a separate and more senior official. The confirmation of a refusal decision on review does not preclude the applicant from submitting a new application following all of the relevant procedures for the specific employment permit type.

Need to know:

  • The Critical Skills Permit is valid for 2 years
  • Spouses and children of Critical Skills Permit holders are eligible to apply for the Dependant/Partner Employment Permit. This will enable them to take up employment in Ireland without having to meet the strict requirements in other employment permits
  • The processing fee for a Critical Skills Employment Permit is 1,000. If an application is unsuccessful then 90% of the fee will be refunded.
  • Depending on your nationality, an entry visa may also be required. You can apply for your visa at your local Irish Embassy


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