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Hong Kong is a place which offers easy rules for immigrants from foreign countries to come and work here. A popular scheme for the same is the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme abbreviated as QMAS which aims at attracting skilled people who wish to settle at Hong Kong to make a good living.

How To Apply

All candidates who are successful for the scheme do not require a work offer from a Hong Kong employer. But the candidate needs to pass in one of the two tests in order to become eligible.

  • The two tests are the General Points Test and the Achievement-based Points Test.
  • These tests ensure that the candidate meets with the eligibility factors like age, education, language, experience, character, and financial resources.
  • After clearing the test and obtaining the required score the person can then apply for a Hong Kong Visa.

Rest basic requirements for apply this QAMS Visa are similar as other Visa application criterion. The process may appear very simple and quick in the first glimpse but some amount of preparation is required.


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  • Why immigrate to Hong kong
  • What is QMAS Visa
  • General Points Test
  • Hot Occupation List

Why immigrate to Hong kong
1. Hong Kong is known as heart of Asia, its location makes it alongside many of the region's most exciting business markets.

2. Hong Kong has a simple, happy, corrupt free predictable and low tax system. The city only imposes three direct taxes, and filing taxes is straight forward. More important are the taxes that Hong Kong does not impose :

  • No sales tax or VAT
  • No withholding tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No tax on dividends
  • No Estate tax

3. Hong Kong is one of the world's most business-friendly cities. business policies are transparent and efficient, it is famous for international marketing, its politically stable, free market principles,and English is the language of business.

4. One of the worlds corruption free economy,with independent judiciary and rule of law,with free flow of information,clean government,free capital movement, no foreign ownership restriction.

5. It has world class business infrastructure.

6.It's easy to find a home in Hong Kong.

7.Hong Kong has an abundance of quality rented accommodation and there are many real estate agents who specialise in meeting the needs of expatriates. Serviced apartments are also widely available for shorter stays.

8.International education

Hong Kong has a wide range of schooling options, including some 50 international schools, from kindergarten and primary schools to secondary and university education with best education.

One of the world's best healthcare systems

Hong Kong has one of the world's highest quality public and private healthcare systems. There are many government clinics and hospitals, offering low cost healthcare to citizens of Hong Kong. Private healthcare is also excellent and ranges from Western medicine to Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic approaches. Finding an English-speaking doctor or specialist is straightforward, international staff is welcomed.

HongKong Quality Migrant Admission scheme(QMAS)

seeks to draw highly skilled fresh overseas immigrants for the motto of enhancing country's economy further.It seeks to attract highly skilled or talented persons to settle in HongKong in order to enhance HongKong economic competitiveness.These forthcoming immigrants are the ones intending to reside in HongKong to discover employment or business startup prospects. The successful lot out of them has the freedom to bring their spouse and dependent children (should be unmarried and under the age of 18) under the condition to support them financially on their own resources.

Successful applicants are not required to secure an offer of local employment before their entry to Hongkong for settlement. All applicants are required to fulfill a set of prerequisites before they can be awarded points under one of the two points-based tests, namely the General Points Test and Achievement-based Points Test, and compete for quota allocation with other applicants.

Successful applicants under the Scheme may bring their spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 to Hongkong provided that they are capable of supporting and accommodating their dependents on their own financial resources without relying on public assistance in Hong kong.

The Scheme is not applicable to nationals of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, Korea, Nepal and Vietnam.

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme requirements
Reminder - All applicants must satisfy all of the following prerequisites:
1. Age : The applicant must be aged 18 or above when lodging an application under the Scheme.
2. Financial requirement : The applicant must be able to demonstrate that he/she is capable of supporting and accommodating himself/herself and his/her dependants, if any, on his/her own financial resources without relying on public assistance during his/her stay in Hong Kong.
3. Good character : The applicant should not have any criminal record or adverse immigration record in Hong Kong or elsewhere.
4. Language proficiency : The applicant should be proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or good command English.
5. Basic educational qualification : The applicant must have a good education background, normally a first degree from a recognized university or a tertiary educational institution. In special circumstances, good technical qualifications, proven professional abilities and/or experience and achievements supported by documentary evidence may be considered.

General Points Test
Factor Points Claimed Points
1. Age (Maximum 30 points)
18-39 30
40-44 20
45-50 15
51 or above 0
2. Academic/Professional Qualifications (Maximum 70 points)
Doctoral Degree / Two or more master's degrees 40
Master's Degree / Two or more bachelor's degrees 20
Bachelor's Degree / Professional Qualification awarded by a nationally or internationally recognized or acclaimed professional body which demonstrates that the holder has a very high level of technical expertise or skill 10
Additional points if a degree at bachelor level or higher is awarded by a renowned institution recognized internationally 30
3. Work Experience (Maximum 55 points)
Not less than 10 years' graduate or specialist level work experience, including at least 5 years in a senior role 40
Not less than 5 years' graduate or specialist level work experience, including at least 2 years in a senior role 30
Not less than 5 years' graduate or specialist level work experience 15
Not less than 2 years' graduate or specialist level work experience 5
Additional points for not less than 2 years' graduate or specialist level work experience with international exposure 15
4. Language Proficiency (Maximum 20 points)
Being proficient both in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) and English 20
Being proficient in at least one foreign language (written and spoken) in addition to written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English 15
Being proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English 10
5. Family Background (Maximum 20 points)
5.1 At least one immediate family member (married spouse, parents, siblings, children) is a Hong Kong permanent resident residing in Hong Kong 5
5.2 Accompanying married spouse is educated to the equivalent level of a degree or above 5
5.3 5 points for each accompanying unmarried dependent child under the age of 18, maximum 10 points 5/10
Maximum 195 Points


As for the additional points awarded to holders of a degree at bachelor level or higher obtained from a renowned institution recognized internationally, the institution concerned should be ranked among the top 100 universities/institutions in any of the four world university ranking tables published by QS, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Times Higher Education and US News and World Report, or among the top 30 colleges in the National Liberal Arts Colleges Rankings published by the US News and World Report. Advice may also be sought from relevant experts or professional bodies on qualifications awarded by other sector-specific renowned institutions which may not be included in these ranking lists.

To score additional points on the basis of having not less than two years' work experience with international exposure, the international work experience concerned refers to graduate or specialist level work experience outside the applicant's home country/territory

Prevailing Minimum Passing Mark

The prevailing minimum passing mark is 80.*

*A minimum passing mark is set under the General Points Test. Interested parties are advised to assess whether their credentials are adequate to meet the minimum passing mark before submitting an application. The minimum passing mark is subject to change from time to time without prior notice.

Achievement-based Points Test
The Scheme also caters for the entry of individuals with exceptional talent or skill who have outstanding achievements. They may choose to be assessed under a separate Achievement-based Points Test. Requirement under this test is very high. Those who are considered to have met one of the criteria under this test listed in the following paragraph will be awarded 195 points; otherwise, no point will be awarded. Applications which fail to score points under this test will be refused immediately.

Points may be awarded under this test if:

i) the applicant has received an award of exceptional achievement (e.g. Olympic medals, Nobel prize, national/international awards); or

ii) the applicant can show that his/her work has been acknowledged by his/her peers or has contributed significantly to the development of his/her field (e.g. lifetime achievement award from industry).

Sector: Academic Research and Education

  • Nurseries
  • Tertiary Education
  • Academic Research

Sector: Architecture, Surveying, Engineering and Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Architecture
  • Surveying
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Sector: Arts and Culture
  • Performing Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Photography

Sector: Broadcasting and Entertainment
  • Broadcasting & Programming.
  • Motion Picture, Video
  • Television Program.
  • Production
  • Sound Record
  • Music
  • Publishing

Sector: Business Support and Human Resources
  • Business Consulting
  • Company Secretary
  • Administrative Support
  • Human Resources Management,
  • Recruitment Services
  • Public Relations Services
  • Advertising
  • Information Services

Sector: Catering and Tourism
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Travel Agencies

Sector: Commerce and Trade
  • Import & Export
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Wireline or Wireless Communications

Sector: Legal Services
  • Legal Practice

Sector: Logistics and Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Air Transport
  • Sea Transport
  • Land Transport

Sector: Manufacturing Industries
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemical
  • Metals
  • Toys
  • Textiles
  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Printing & Publishing

  • Sports Activities


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