UK Tier Five Visa

Tier 5 Visa

This is Another Route which Allows the Visa holders to enter in UK in Different Circumstances, Few Common examples of these Visa holders are Diplomatic staff, Sportspersons, Entertainers, Charity worker and Fund raisers etc.

Categories of Tier 5 Visa

  • Temporary or Charity Workers The worker who holds a certificate of sponsorship from a UK Charity and His/her job must be directly involved with the charities work with a Valid Tier 5 sponsor license.
  • Creative and supporting Entertainers or sportsperson on this Visa must be internationally established or their job should highly contribute in their respective line of work
  • Government Authorized and Exchange This Visa is only for government authorized Personnel or Exchange scheme and only allows the workers for academic research, Training and Fellowship Program oe Government exchange or overseas language Program.
  • International Agreement The workers under this Visa are Diplomatic workers or Officials of an Embassy. It also includes the workers of GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services,
  • Religious Worker Religious and spiritual workers e.g. Missionaries, Ministries, Monasteries etc.
  • Youth Mobility Scheme For Young and enthusiastic workers in the age group of 18-30 years only. The duration of this Visa is of Two years and it is valid only for Limited number of countries


Tier 5 Entrepreneur applicants must provide several documents with their application, these include:

  • Current Passport Or any Other Travel Document
  • A separate passport photograph
  • Present Bank Statements for proof of their financial stability During their time of stay
  • A clear Tuberculosis Test Result letter

Family Members

You must show that you have sufficient funds if you bringing your children or spouse along with you. They will be applying under the Norms of family Visa

Language Requirements

The Visa Applicant may be required to complete an English test (If they aren't nationalist on An English speaking nation)

Further Enquiry, Help And Advice

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