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Sweden for tourists has always remained a marvel which has attracted visitors due to its diverse geographies. In the north one can see the snow covered frozen thrills while in the south the long extended coastline is enough to give anyone a gala time. The festivities too here are worth being a part of.

How To Apply

For foreign nationals who wish to visit the country a tourist visa is required. Depending upon your length of stay and purpose of visit a visa type must be chosen:

A Schengen visa is required which can be obtained from the embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting.

  • When applying for a tourist visa for Sweden you must submit all the required documents along with a duly filled application form in the concerned embassy and consulate from where the processing will begin.


  • Assistance from Our experts
  • When planning a visit to Sweden you may feel worried about the form filling and document collection for obtaining the travel visa.
  • What you need is providing us with the required information and documents and rest we will take this forward.

Processing Time

    • You can now forget the worries and give us the conduct to accomplish this task for you. We at Aspire World Careers have helped many of our clients get tourists visa to Schengen countries easily and can even help you with the same.
    • We work to make the process of acquiring visa easier for you and help you to get this Visa in 90 working days.


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