Poland D Type Visa

National D-type Visa

If you decided to stay in the territory of Poland for a total of more than 90 days during single or more visits within a half-year period starting from the date of the first entry, what you need is a national D-type Visa. As a holder you will be entitled to stay in the territory of Poland throughout the entire period of the Visa validity and move within the territory of other states of Schengen zone but not for more than three months within a half-year period. Obtaining this Visa is not difficult and in most cases the application is successful.

Keep reading and find out how to apply and what is the procedure.

Where to apply?

If you're already in Poland you can apply for the D-type Visa in your local voivodship, otherwise you need to visit a diplomatic outpost of the Republic of Poland in your country. Also you can get in touch with an agent who can help you for all of these process i.e. Aspire World Immigration Services.

Required documents

  • Travel document
  • Completed and signed visa application form. - click here to obtain an application form
  • Four biometric photos. - click here for the photo requirements
  • Visa fee
  • Health insurance
  • Supplementary documents confirming:

    • - the purpose of the visit;
    • - possession of sufficient funds to cover the cost of entry, stay and departure from the territory of Poland;
    • - the reason for staying in the territory of Poland for more than 90 days within a half-year period.


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