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Germany is the biggest economy within the European Union and is technologically a highly advanced country. So people who wish to migrate to this country will have countless opportunities for excelling in their respective designations. Today agencies offering immigration and visa services abound thereby leaving you puzzled. Relax, we at Aspire World Immigration are there to help you. We have some of the best and the most experienced Germany Visa Consultants.

Eligibility criteria for Germany Jobseeker Visa

  • Hold a recognized qualification either from a German University or a foreign degree which is equivalent to a German degree
  • Compulsory travel and medical insurance
  • Compulsory adequate funds as well as accommodation facilities for the intended period of stay in Germany
  • Good experience and expertise in the chosen occupation will work wonders to help you get a good job in Germany, although this requirement is not mandatory
  • Getting a promising view of career and employment prospects in Germany along with an organized course of action for securing employment in Germany

Other eligibility

  • No age limit
  • Medical travel insurance
  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Sufficient funds for sustaining in Germany
  • Bachelor degree from an authorized and recognized university or institute
  • Proof of accommodation to stay in Germany

Germany is an economy that is employment oriented and offers huge scope for different skills. More and more people are planning to migrate to Germany owing to the large number of industries present here and we at Aspire World Immigration are there to take care of your immigration needs. Our highly experienced Germany Job Seeker Visa Consultants will take into consideration both your professional and personal needs before recommending you with the right visa. They will thoroughly study your profile and also counsel you in accordance to your future aspirations. In fact, we give you the assurance that after meeting our visa professionals every query and doubt that you have will definitely take a back seat and you can fly to your dream country at the earliest. People can enjoy higher living standards in this country, the climate here is pleasant, the education systems here are popular for their quality teaching standards and Germany also maintains excellent working conditions. No matter you are a businessman looking forward to beginning work abroad or a student willing to study in Germany, we at Aspire World Immigration is the perfect gateway to Germany for you.

Germany is major industrial nation and one of the worlds largest economies. Officially known The Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in West-Central Europe.

  • The country prides itself in one of the major economic and political power of Europe.
  • Siemens,Miele,Porsche, BMW, Audi ,Braun !!! YES!!! All are manufactured in GERMANY!!!! There is positive economic activity supporting a strong labour market.
  • Germany made significant reforms to its labour market in recent years when it too faced the global economic storm.So, it is need of highly skilled people, Germany has the best working culture and employment satisfaction rate, Reduced employment and increase in skill shortage, Germany is looking for talented workers.
  • Germans are well-educated, and English is a compulsory subject of study at school, this means that English is widely understood across the nation, and in professional working environments it is often the business language. Therefore, don't let your lack of German hold you back from making an application to a potential employer.
  • The ageing workforce in Germany is a very real problem – it means that the skills shortage is going to get worse within a decade. For you this could mean long-term employment prospects, or even a job for life.
  • Germany is a vast and beautiful country. It is comparable to France in terms of its diversity with snow packed peaks offering excellent skiing in the winter, vast lakes offering fantastic summer holiday fun, and a dramatic and largely unspoilt coastline that is under explored.
  • Germany public transport system is best and easiest to travel.
  • Germany job seeker visa or permanent residency visa is an initiative by Federal Government to encourage qualified and skilled professionals from overseas to come to Germany.
  • Holders of job seeker visa is allowed to stay in Germany initially for 6 months to seek employment.
  • This visa is for professionals who are seeking job in Germany.
  • To obtain this visa applicant must furnish proof of their authenticity of professional qualification.
  • Job seekers can only work in Germany if they hold this valid visa.
  • Visa processing is short and smooth.
  • This visa helps candidate to look for numerous jobs and openings
  • Securing a good opportunity is much easier and swifter after attaining this visa

Aspire world Immigration services help you to connect with the best opportunities in all world.Better yet, we can help you through the entire process from choosing a job to understand visa requirements to finding assistance during job Immigration and job seeker is changing the world more than at any other time in history, opening up borders and introducing new opportunities.

A work permit is of course, the easiest way to work abroad but it involves a hectic process from one government office to another for the employer.In the present scenario, when almost all countries are hit by recession, it is next to impossible to convince any international employer to invite a foreign worker on a work permit.

Many foreign companies do not want to go into hassle of getting permission from around the country.Some developed countries like UK are especially asking their native companies to give a solid ground of hiring a foreign national and also to justify so as why a particular vacancy cannot be filled from the local market when so many of the native candidates are unemployed.

We all as human beings resist any kind of change,even if it in our favor.No one wants to take up risks and invest money for it.The same applies to the foreign employers also.But this is also a fact that if we are offered any opportunity that would triple our earning potential, w would be willing to travel around the globe and also invest money to some extent.As an instance, being an Indian National, we all can work all over India but we would not take up any opportunity in Mumbai if it is not lucrative.

So, Aspire world career services suggest that you should expand your horizons and take up the citizenship or job seeker visa for your dream destination s that employers of that country find convenient enough to hire you.

Education : Possess a recognized qualification from German Universities or foreign degrees equal to German Degrees. Enough funds and accommodation:

  • Compulsory adequate funds and accommodation for the intended stay in Germany (6 months).
  • Compulsory Medical and Travel Insurance.
  • Bachelor Degree is Mandatory.

Employment : Sufficient years of experience in the selected occupation can help you in finding jobs in Germany (not a mandatory requirement).

Motivation : Getting a good view of employment and career prospects in Germany and planned course of action to secure employment in Germany.

Age-18 yrs and above,No criminal record and Accommodation proof for stay in Germany

Experience : Freshers can also apply

Funds : Minimum 3.5 lac to be shown


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