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Get a PNP Provincial Nomination Program Visa for Canada

PNP Provincial Nomination Program is like an easy ticket to get a permanent resident ship for Canada. This program gives the provinces and territories in Canada the freedom to nominate candidates wishing to move to Canada depending upon the province they wish to settle at. Every territory or province in Canada has a different set of rules and their own unique streams for PNP. The program can target anyone like a student, skilled worker, business professional or even semi-skilled workers. An exception in Canada which does not have a PNP is the province of Quebec.

Alberta Nominee Program

If you have the skills needed by Alberta, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) may be an option for you. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) visa is designed to support Alberta's economic growth by attracting prospective immigrants to the labour market of Alberta.

We are the pioneer in the field of immigration and global resettlement solutions. We provide you the most appropriate advice and support to your visa application with the help of the best immigration specialists. A certified Immigration agent will take care of your application right from reviewing the documents, filing your application to getting your Visa. Visas Simply is not a government entity, it is a private company which initiates your visa application on your behalf. The Visas Simply fee for Canada Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Visa is AUD 4999. The government fee of CAD 1040 (Application Fee), CAD 1040 (Partner Application Fee) and CAD 150 - CAD 550 (Dependent Application Fee) is charged apart from the Visas Simply service fee. If you do not wish to use the services of Visas Simply, you can apply through the official website of the Canadian Government for a Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Visa. The government charges would be applicable as mentioned above. If the free assessment result suggest that you are not eligible for a Work Permit Visa, we will recommend an alternative service to you.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is an application process of two levels for obtaining permanent resident visa of Canada.

Level 1: Nova Scotia Nominee Program Application

Once made the mindset to work and settle permanently in Nova Scotia, apply the required application forms supported by the documentation and submit the entire application package to Nova Scotia office of Immigration. The processing time is maximum three months or more for the eligible applications.

Level 2: Application for Canadian Citizenship and Immigration for Permanent Resident Visa

After being nominated by Nova Scotia, apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for permanent resident visa. The nomination letter contains the important information about the federal process. The applicant along with his/her spouse and dependents must meet requirements for medical, security and criminal admissibility, and in some cases you may be asked to go for an interview. CIC has the final authority to issue a permanent resident visa.

Saskatchewan Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is a permanent immigration program designed by the province of Saskatchewan that works under the agreement of federal government. This program provides an easier means to enter into Canada since the province of Saskatchewan nominate applicants for the Federal government for permanent residency status. The SINP provides:

Selection based on the provinceas economic and labour force needs for applicant.

Application processing time is faster than Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

Provincial immigration officers providing assistance all through the process.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program skilled worker category is for skilled workers who want to live and work in Saskatchewan. This category enables the SINP to nominate individuals that have educational qualification, experience, language and adaptability to establish in the province of Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Nominee Program

Manitoba, Canada is significantly popular among economic immigrants due to consistently strong economy, low unemployment rate, affordable cost of living and high quality of life. Manitoba actively seeks immigration applications from educated and experienced with job-ready English since the province is facing a shortage of skilled workers. From now till 2020 in Manitoba it is projected that 254,000 new jobs and opportunities will be created. The government of Canadian province of Manitoba has a free immigration program for skilled workers and entrepreneurs that provide a faster route to Canadian permanent resident status for workers. The clearer and easier process of application and assessment for skilled workers and families who want to move to Manitoba as Canadian permanent residents have made immigration to Manitoba easier. All applicants except those currently working in Manitoba with valid work permits are assessed according to a new points system.

How To Apply

  • The person must apply for a territory or province for a nomination
  • The province or territory must nominate that person
  • Third means is of applying to CIC for a permanent resident
  • New Express Entry Schemes have been launched by many territories and provinces in 2015, for which the average processing time is still not available.
  • Under this scheme a person must complete the profile and must meet with the minimum requirements for the Express Entry to Canada.

Determine your eligibility

Each province and territory’s streams, eligibility requirements and nomination guidelines for their PNP can change without notice. Check the websites of the provinces or territories for the most up-to-date information.

If you are nominated under a non-Express Entry stream:

  • you will have to apply through the paper-based process, and
  • if the province or territory finds you eligible and nominates you, you will send an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  • The applicant must be between 21 to 55 years of age

If you are nominated under a province or territory’s Express Entry stream, you must:

  • meet their requirements, and
  • meet the minimum criteria for Express Entry
  • this includes meeting the requirements of at least one of the immigration programs it covers.

You can use our online tool, Come to Canada, to see if you are eligible. If you are invited to apply for permanent residence, you will submit an online application to CIC.

Find out more about eligibility for the PNP.

Check processing times

Find out how long it will take CIC to process your application under the paper-based process (non-Express Entry streams).

If you apply through Express Entry (Express Entry streams), most complete applications for permanent residence will be processed in six months or less. Since Express Entry is a new system, average processing times are not yet available.

After you apply: get next steps

Find out what happens after you applyto come to Canada as a provincial nominee.

Prepare for arrival

Find out what to expect when you arrive in Canada.


  • Live, study and work in Canada for as long as you remain permanent residents
  • Access most social benefits accorded to Canadian citizens.
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship, and if granted, apply for a Canadian passport once you have been a legal permanent resident for three of the four previous years.
  • Getting Permanent resident ship of Canada
  • Exploring your talent without any constraints


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