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5 Tips to Choose the Best Canada Immigration Consultant in 2019

Indian skilled workers have begun to migrate to Canada in vast numbers. In 2018 alone about 37,000 Indians went to Canada to work with aid of Top Canada Immigration Consultants. A considerable number also went to Canada to study in its esteemed colleges and universities.

It will not be difficult if we search for the reason for this migration. While many western countries are closing their doors to migrants Canada due to its low population invites many thousands every year. Unlike the US or Europe, it is very possible for students who complete study in Canada to receive a fast track permanent residency status through the Canada Experience Class visa program.

The Canadian immigration authorities have brought in a highly simplified system of migration known as Express Entry. It allows the best and brightest to migrate within a period of a few months.

The system is point based and totally neutral to gender or color. All that it seeks is to invite those who will have a place in the Canadian job market. It is at this point that the work of top-notch consultants who help migrate to Canada such as Aspire World Immigration come into play. We Aspire World emerged as the finest Canada Tourist Visa Consultancy in Delhi.

What are the tips for finding the best Canadian immigration consultant can perform? Read on to find more.

  • The presence of myriad rules - Although the criteria for migration to Canada is easy there are many ways in which one can migrate. First of all, it is possible to relocate with the help of a Federal Program such as the Express Entry System. This allows the visa holder to live and work anywhere in Canada and enjoy rights almost similar to those of Canadian citizens.

    The principal avenues of EEP are -
    • Federal Skilled Workers Program
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program
    • Canadian Experience Class

    Unless one has spent time in Canada as a student, most Indians prefer the FSWP which allows skilled workers like software developers and scientists to migrate. It is based on points accrued from age, educational qualification and skill of the English language. Those who have enough score are inducted through a draw held every fortnight. These rules change quite quickly. A good consultant will have the latest rules at the fingertips.
  • Check for authenticity - The Canadian authorities through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada gives accreditation to the consultants who are valid. Always find if the agent has IRCC certification before employing them.
  • The presence of expert teams - Established Canada Immigration Consultants will have an expert team which has an excellent understanding of the rules related to migration. These experts are able to answer any question with ease and alacrity.
  • Single point of contact - Migration whether as a student or as a permanent resident can stretch over 4-6 months. It helps if a consultant has a single point of contact for all the tasks and problems that arise during this period.
  • A written agreement - All bona fide consultants have an agreement where they make clear the cost that will be incurred and also the fees they would be charging before the signing of a contract. A contract is essential to prevent escalation of cost later on.

It goes without saying that Aspire World Immigration is well established and reputed firm who have helped thousands migrate to Canada and every country around the world. With the industry's best practices and as market leader they are the natural choice for those who wish to travel and seek a new life abroad.

For More Information you can contact us at +91-9711287974 or drop your query at - enquiry@aspireworldcareers.com.

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