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United Kingdom (UK) is among those countries which have always kept the door wide open for the deserving candidates in order to fulfill various job positions as per their credibility. As Aspire World Immigration is connected with the profession of helping immigrants relocate to their destination countries successfully, we know that United Kingdom (UK) is hot favorite among skilled immigrants from various corners of the world. Hundreds of candidates immigrate to this country every year to find them in lucrative job positions. The country, in its turn, develops various schemes for encouraging skilled candidates to come over and have temporary or permanent stay as skilled workers.

One such scheme is the Tier 2 general visa. Under this scheme, a candidate can get ready acceptance in the country as a skilled worker if he have skill sets that are in short supply among the resident workers of United Kingdom (UK).

If this sounds interesting to you, write to us today in order to know if your skills are in demand in United Kingdom (UK). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Aspire World Immigration is a consultancy firm that is based in the heart of Delhi in India. Our journey as a professional immigration consultant has helped us in understanding that the rules, regulations and criterion for immigration and relocation to different countries vary by and large from each other. They also change over the time as per the decisions of various jurisdictions. Here, it needs mentioning that one of the vital reasons for your success within a very short span of our launch is the team of our ace and experienced immigration consultants. As always keep close watch on various changes in immigration schemes, they would like to inform to interested candidates that who wish to avail the opportunity of relocating to United Kingdom (UK) by means of Tier 2 visa that this immigration is granted under two circumstances. Therefore, you can apply for Tier 2 general visa if:-

  1. You already have a job offer in hand from a company in United Kingdom (UK) that has acknowledged that your skill set is not abundantly found in the country at present. Therefore, your relocation and working in the company will enrich the workforce of United Kingdom (UK).

  2. You do not belong to Switzerland or European Economic Area (EEA). Candidates belonging to these twp jurisdictions will not be allowed to apply under this scheme even if their acquired skills are in shortage in United Kingdom (UK).

There are various other information related to this visa category that might give you a golden opportunity to establish a flourishing overseas professional career. Call us today to discuss.

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