Question: Which are the top immigration destinations of the world?

Answer: Though there is no grim ranking for immigration destinations, however on predilection basis the top global immigration destinations are: 1. Canada 2. Germany 3. Dubai 4. New Zealand 5. South Africa 6. Australia 7. USA 8. UK 9. Singapore 10. Hong Kong

Question: What is an immigration program and visa permit?

Answer: Immigration programs of a nation allow foreign nationals to visit their land for a valid purpose. Visa is a document enabling you to enter the issuing nation for work, study, business or settlement purpose.

What are the things I should know before applying for a visa?

Answer: You should be acquainted with the visa category you reduction in as well the annual immigration quota of the nation as well as of the program you are applying for.

Question: The documentation requirements for visa are so extensive! How can I meet them in time before the Quota gets over? What happens if my application is returned?

1. They are extensive for everyone who is filing for application and that is true for applications being received from across the world 2. Nobody knows when the occupation or the annual quota would get over and therefore, you have as much opportunity to get into queue as the other person. It is important to aim to get into the queue ASAP 3. At the most, your application would be returned if the quota gets over. Your application fee would also be returned back. So where is the risk?

Question: Why should I enter into a consultant-client relationship with Aspire World Immigration immediately?

Answer: 1. As humble as it looks, direction is required for all the key documents. Immediate guidance means time saving. 2. From your perspective, you may have collected documents but they may not be in the format or carry incomplete information as per guidelines. For instance, employment reference letters may be required from few specific employers from your overall experience and for a certain period only. Not only that the reference letter must confirm to specific duties and responsibilities in line with the regulatory and operational manual guidelines. How will you identify these key parameters while getting the reference letters made? 3. And what will you do, when official guidelines provide no clear instruction/information on an issue specific to you? For example, different IELTS score is required for each specific case and under different factors. How do you know what score is required for your application? You get struck with procedural matters related to PCC and transcripts and cannot get them released. What action from your side would enable in-time release of such documents? 4. From your perspective you get all documents and information and then come back to us only to be told by us that all documents are still not in place or they do not follow the required format or the information is still incomplete. THEN, you again back to the drawing board and get the documents and information! 5. So start the application procedure instantly and increase your chances of getting permanent resident visa under federal skilled worker program.


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