A favorable ECA can boost your Express entry scores for Canada PR application

Your Canada PR application can receive a boost from increased CRS scores in Express entry if you receive a favorable Education Credential Assessment or ECA. ECA is used by Canadian employers and other establishments to assess your education obtained in the home nation with standards in Canada. It first assesses the validity of your degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic credentials. Then it is assessed whether they are approximately on par with Canadian standards.

For overseas applicants looking forward to immigrating to Canada through the Express entry and process their Canada PR application ECA can be very crucial. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada accepts ECA only from designated organizations, as quoted by the Canadim.

The Express entry program is administered through a system based on points. The more your CRS scores the better are your chances of your Canada PR application being positively processed. Applicants who intend to take maximum benefit of CRS points must try to secure a favorable Educational Credential Assessment or ECA.

The benefit of positive ECA assessment is not limited just to the principal applicant. Based on the profile of the applicant, it could also be possible to apply for an ECA for the accompanying common-law partner or spouse

The report of the Educational Credential Assessment from a designated organization reveals diverse aspects to you. It will first reveal to you whether your educational credentials are valid or not. Then you will learn whether your academic credentials are on par with the Canadian standards. If the credentials you have gained overseas are assessed favorably for standards in Canada, then this will be beneficial to you. It will help you to increase your CRS scores in Express entry enhancing your chances of processing Canada PR application.


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