How to Get US Tourist Visa?

There are numerous categories for tourist visas. People who are planning to enter the United States in order to carry out the business needs should acquire a B-1 tourist visa. Those who will be entering the US for traveling or visiting or pleasure purpose must obtain a B-2. Those people who are keen to combine business with travel or pleasure must get a B-1/B-2.

In order to obtain any of the above-mentioned documents, a foreign national must obtain a Form DS-160.One can download it from Internet and when completed, the Form must be brought to an interview at a US embassy. At the time of interview it is important to bring the proper sized photograph also the evidence of sufficient funds for covering all the possible expenses made at the time spent in United States. Bank statement or salary slip can serve as an important piece of evidence.

Someone who has obtained a B-1, he or she can plan to visit the United States for enjoying a vacation, getting the medical treatment for some condition, taking part in a social or service event, participating in an amateur musical or sports event. Those who obtain a B-2, he or she is able to enter the nation and consult with the members of a business, go to a scientific or other conference of a professional nature. However people who have the tourist visa are required to obey certain rules and do not cross certain limits during their stay in the country.

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