Give A Kick Start To Your Career In Denmark

Getting a dream job in Denmark requires you to have a work permit, if you are coming from outside of Europe.

Denmark has constricted its immigration and work limitations over the past several years, so getting in Denmark a work permit is a bit harder. There are still numerous ways to get one quickly and get a job in Denmark, depending on your qualifications.

There some of the ways listed below to get that all important piece of paper. The permit is the initial step for getting a job in Denmark, which has a very striking work environment, top notch packages and excellent opportunities, but they are not accessible to every person.

Start doing your research in finding whether you have the rights to work in Denmark.

If you are a citizen of a European Union then you have an automatic right to search for work in Denmark. For you it is just a subject of finding a job. If you are lucky enough to find a job that pays you decent enough, you will be approved of a residence permit. However for other applicants it is a little harder.

Tips to get a Denmark work permit:

Take a look at the Danish system for vetting applicants. Look at the green card scheme and you get points based on your work experience, education qualifications, communication skills, flexibility and your age. Fill out the application form and if you are able to attain 100 points you can obtain a work permit, which also offers you a 3-year residence permit.

Search for the top job sites in Denmark at various portals. You can also consult an immigration expert who can guide you assist in finding the suitable job options in Denmark. For more information visit

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